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  1. midloglen

    Lance Kearse

    Off topic but on my way to the Vikings vs Bucs game in Tampa, I ran into Lance this afternoon. What a nice young man. He said he's feeling great and even tried out for the Jaguars. Just thought some of you might be interested.
  2. midloglen

    Pierria' Henry

    Just saw this in the RTD. ... 04/343570/ Don't know if it was posted earlier or not. Virginia Commonwealth University basketball coach Shaka Smart picked up his second early commitment for the 2011 season, landing 6-4 guard Pierria' Henry out of South...
  3. midloglen

    Thank You Mr. Kennedy

    I know this is off topic but today I'm going to get my free pizza before the madison game. Nice article from the times dispatch. I hope they pick you to shoot again tonight!
  4. midloglen

    Is it just me or ...

    It just seems to me that too often when we do something good (Rozzell's 3) we pump our chests up, point to the crowd or something and totally forget to play defense. We give up too many easy points to our opponents after a big shot. I also totally don't get why we don't try to get rebounds off...