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  1. Burr21

    SOLD 2 TICKET @ ur

    I have 2 that I purchased from fmrick but my sons have school obligations and cant make it. They are Section 18 Row N, Seats 5 & 6. Just would like to get $100.00 for the pair. That is cost and what I paid. GO RAMS
  2. Burr21

    2 tickets for wsu

    I have 2 tickets for our home game against wsu. My sons can't make the game do to other commitments. GO RAMS
  3. Burr21


    I have 2 tickets for Sat and Sun. Do to family function will not able to attend. $10.00 per ticket. Just looking to recoup what I paid less fees(13.00 for four tickets). Dennis 804-868-5556
  4. Burr21

    Two for tonight

    Two for you tonight 30 for both.text. 804 868 5556
  5. Burr21

    4 tickets VCU vs davidson SOLD

    I have 4 Gen Admission asking 80 for all four
  6. Burr21

    Need one for tonight

    Looking for 1 for tonight. Just need to get in any thing will do. GO RAMS
  7. Burr21


    I have one extra gen admin. Paid 55 plus fees. only 40.00
  8. Burr21


    I have for bucknell 50.00 for the pair. Will consider trade for vmi GO RAMS
  9. Burr21

    2 for VCU uva

    My brother and law flakes on me I have 2 for 125.00. Limited email call or text 804-868- 5556
  10. Burr21

    SOLD Selling 2 for uva

    I have 2 GA available for each game message me if interested VCU Fans only. GO RAMS
  11. Burr21


    I am on the waiting list. If anyone has any extras I am in need.
  12. Burr21

    Last ticket 35

    At the Stu know text 804-868-5556
  13. Burr21

    1 for george mason

  14. Burr21

    Need one for george mason

    In need of one for a student. Will be standing down with the Rowdy Rams so just need to get in the building. GO RAMS
  15. Burr21

    1 for tonight 50.00

    SOLD! GO RAMS!!!!!
  16. Burr21

    SOLD 2 vs old dirty

    I have a pair for sat. Purchased for the kids but they can not make it. Just looking to get what i paid for them 50.00 each. Can work out Commonwealth Room access if you would like. Go Rams
  17. Burr21

    2 Tickets for BC Winter Hoops classic for Sale

    Have 2 for sale for sat in Brooklyn pm if interested
  18. Burr21

    Need 1 for Northeastern

    Season ticket holder trying to get my son into the game
  19. Burr21

    Need 1 for Winthrop

    I have the kids for this games, just need one to get us all in the building. Thanks
  20. Burr21


    I am a season ticket holder & need 2 extra for my kids tonight. If you can help call or text (804) 868-5556. Thanks