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  1. Bridgewater83

    2020 transfer news/targets

    Only using your own words buddy to show what a hypocrite you are.
  2. Bridgewater83

    VCU Media Mentions

    If you are in "boycott mode" then stick with your convictions. If you want to read their product, then pay for it.
  3. Bridgewater83

    Jabo Wilkins number not retired???

    Mistachill is NOT "coming off as an angry grinch" at all. He has reasonably laid out the facts and the facts do not support your narrative. Why is it that so often people revert to name calling when their version of history is not agreed with?
  4. Bridgewater83

    Emerald Coast Classic

    Agree. I had a great time at this event (other than the losses). Sad to be leaving our sunny Gulf Front accommodation in Navarre Beach this morning for the drive back to Midlothian....
  5. Bridgewater83

    Emerald Coast Classic

    So very true. I attended both sessions of the Emerald Coast Classic. The VCU contingent, though not the largest contingent there, was plentiful and loud. Most fans left after their respective teams games thus giving the appearance of unsold seats on TV. The venue was clean, easy to park...
  6. Bridgewater83

    Sean Gone

    Really? Was that necessary?
  7. Bridgewater83

    A10/MWC Hoops Challenge

  8. Bridgewater83

    News New Downtown Arena

    I grew up going to the VA Boat Club in the summers until it was dealt a knock out blow by Agnes.
  9. Bridgewater83

    News New Downtown Arena

    Well, there was a baseball stadium on Mayo in the past....
  10. Bridgewater83

    News New Downtown Arena

    Doubt it. The momentum there is strong and will roll right past that bump.
  11. Bridgewater83

    News New Downtown Arena

    And Manchester....
  12. Bridgewater83

    All Rhoades lead to VCU 2019: WELCOME Henderson, McAllister, Clark, Ward & Hyland

    And exactly how do we all know that about an incoming freshman who has played 0 minutes at this level? I hope you are right but I will temper my enthusiasm until I see something tangible.
  13. Bridgewater83

    Rhoades watch

    Watch for stress fractures on that Comet and make sure you tighten the engine bolts on that DC-10!
  14. Bridgewater83

    W3=Wiretap Willie Wade

    Thanks. I do not follow Liberty and did not understand what you meant.