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  1. VCU Old Boy

    VCU Media Mentions

    Big Al? I never understood what he was saying, he always seemed to be munching ham biscuits
  2. VCU Old Boy

    VCU Media Mentions

    If the premise is VCU has a football team and a 75K seat stadium, I believe it would be about 50-55% full. I have no doubt that the alums and students would back the team, but 75K is a bit large for anything below Power 3 (remove the ACC and PAC 10).
  3. VCU Old Boy

    Conference change uncertainty

  4. VCU Old Boy

    Conference change uncertainty

    Whoa there! I see you hooped on board this here board 42 days ago. Let's not fret over a melt down, it will be contained...this ain't GW.
  5. VCU Old Boy

    I can not remember the last time VCU lost three games in a row

    see the seasons from 1988-89 through 1994-95.
  6. VCU Old Boy

    Dominion Energy-led new Coliseum

    Perfect, thanks for posting the pic. Validates why I hadn't heard of it (per the date on the sign).
  7. VCU Old Boy

    Dominion Energy-led new Coliseum

    It's been 18 years since I lived in Richmond and 25 since I graduated VCU. Where the heck is Navy Hill? Thanks....asking for a friend.
  8. VCU Old Boy

    There are Only Two Big Time Programs in the A-10

    While St Loo might have fallen off on the court, they still drew 6890 per game last year.
  9. VCU Old Boy

    Attainable future non-conference home/home series

    Actually the median is 32.5
  10. VCU Old Boy

    The last time VCU started the season 5-0; who else remembers...

    I strive to forgot all the years between 1988-1995. Horrible.
  11. VCU Old Boy

    Top 25 watch (VCU ranked #21)

    Fixed that for you... :lol:
  12. VCU Old Boy

    Dominion Energy-led new Coliseum

    yes it was Champions at one point. I believe I watched the 1992 AFC Championship game at Champions before meeting my GF at the time at her place to watch the Redskins win the NFC Championship game and becoming Champion of my domain.:lol:
  13. VCU Old Boy

    VCU Legend Gerald Henderson!!!!!!

    Those were, in fact, forgettable seasons.
  14. VCU Old Boy

    UVA game on 4/30 Ticket reminder

    It's butt cheap and the beers are butt cheap too! ⚾?
  15. VCU Old Boy

    Baseball Stadium

    Yes, do tell.
  16. VCU Old Boy

    Is beer sold at the baseball games?

    Last game I went to (about 2 years ago) I was bought something like a 32oz beer for $8. It was quite refreshing, in both a literal and figurative sense, after paying $12 for 16oz at Nats games for years.
  17. VCU Old Boy

    VCU Dank Memes

    Well, you did follow him to Austin......
  18. VCU Old Boy

    2019 Season Great article about the Skipper