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  1. greg81988


    We are leaving for Hawaii on November 12th so I have 4 tickets available for the UVA games. Section 22 Row H Seats 5-8 Seats 5, 6 come with founders club pass and parking pass. PM me if interested. Listed on stub hub for $195, will take $175 each.
  2. greg81988

    Maui- Travel Forum

    Just figured I would start a forum for those going to Maui/thinking about going to discuss. We finished booking our travel arrangements today. Pretty excited to get to make a vacation to Hawaii that will include basketball!
  3. greg81988

    St. Joes and St. Louis games

  4. greg81988

    2 for sale vs GW on WED night. Section 22 row H.

    2 tickets to game vs GW on Wed night for sale. Message me if interested. Section 22 row H seats 7, 8 (aisle seat).
  5. greg81988

    For Sale: 2 tickets UR vs VCU Jan 31st

    2 tix for Jan 31st game UR at VCU Section 22 Row H seats 7, 8 (aisle set) Message me if interested.
  6. greg81988

    Season Tix

  7. greg81988

    Siegel Center Calendar

    Slow day at work, just looking over the Siegel Center Calendar a few dates stick out. Oct 30th- Black and Gold Game Nov 4th- Exhibition Game Nov 11, Dec 10, 17 22- Home games
  8. greg81988

    New jerseys

    Please delete thread
  9. greg81988

    Need 1 ticket for Saturday game vs. Richmond

    Please message me with price if you have ticket for sale. Thanks
  10. greg81988

    Photo Day!!

    Today is photo shoot day for the team. Hoping someone can relay pictures from the guys instagram for us to see!
  11. greg81988

    Veterans Classic Ticke

    I didn't know where to put this so, sorry, I made a thread. Anyone who is a super ram donor or higher can buy up to four tickets right now thru your ticket account. As time passes, and if tickets remain, they will continue to be opened to other levels.
  12. greg81988

    A10 Tournament Locations 2017 And 2018

    How has this not been posted yet..but pittsburgh 2017 and dc 2018
  13. greg81988

    One available for slu

    One tix available for slu game..section 22 row M with commonwealth room me offer
  14. greg81988

    Shannon leaves for personal reasons...

    According to tim pearell
  15. greg81988

    UR Cedric Lindsay

    Done for the year with two knee injuries according to Greg burton
  16. greg81988

    Sju tix for sale

    Looking to one tix for game at if interested
  17. greg81988

    2 for game at La Salle

    Face value $15 each
  18. greg81988

    1 vs GW for sale

    Sction 22 row M $25 PM if interested
  19. greg81988

    1 tix for ODU

    Section 22 row M with commonwealth pass. $75 or PM me with offers.
  20. greg81988

    1 extra for uva

    I have one extra ticket..section 312...row w..$25 Let me know if's in a group with other vcu ppl