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    2020-21 Season Outlook

    Rhoades first year recruiting was pretty poor. Maye, Jackson, Djokem, and Lane were not VCU caliber players. Potentially not having any difference making upper classmen is directly Rhoades fault. If he had done a better job with those four spots his first year we could have some better...
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    The Class of far.......

    Shooting the ball was abysmal two years ago when we secured an at large. In theory one could argue we have more athleticism and talent then we had then, therefore if we can play defense at a high level I think we can win a lot of games. Big IF with such a young team. I do think Evans as the...
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    2020-21 Season Outlook

    I'm not sure what this means. Do you mean relative to their recruiting profile? You don't consider Bones Hyland atleast a triple? I would say he is a home run. Bones will be an all A10 player this year. The offense is going to run through him. Potential wise Ward is atleast a triple, we will see...
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    Welcome to Levi Stockard III

    Thanks for the write up. That is exactly what we need, 20 solid minutes a game. Corey has been hurt his whole career, MBJ is a freshman, Hason still needs to show he has progressed before he can be relied on. We needed someone who can bring some stability and we got him. And from the coaches...
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    The Class of far.......

    I am, it is going to be a fun group. Hopefully this year sets the foundation for these sophomores/freshman to make NCAA tourney runs when they are upperclassman. Best size we have had in a few years. If a couple guys blossom in more featured roles and the coaches can teach all these young guys...
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    Recruiting 2020 Offers

    Unfortunately we do not have one of the all time greats in his senior year for us next year. But I do agree with your point that we could surprise next year. I would say after St. Louis and FUR the A10 is pretty wide open. Tre, JMAC, and Hason all showed a lot of promise and I believe we will...
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    Players Marcus Santos-Silva

    It could be if Ward doesn't make a leap. I'm aware of the results last year, it would have been way uglier if we didn't have MSS.
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    Players Marcus Santos-Silva

    Swapping out MSS for Medley Bacon is a clear downgrade I think most would agree. But this may not be as devastating to next year's team as it seems. I think there is a good chance Ward makes a big jump next year into a really good starting center. Look as MSS's jump from Freshman to Sophomore as...
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    2020 transfer news/targets

    Assuming we get him I am not sure why some are so disappointed. He is exactly what we need. A 7 footer with some size to compete against P5 bigs. Other than team chemistry and shooting our other glaring weakness last year was rebounding. He will help. Maybe he isn't the best athlete, but if he...
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    VCU needs to mix it up to have a shot from here on out

    Great stuff, really enjoy reading your posts. It was senior night and a game that didn't really mean much in the big picture. So I will give Rhoades a pass on last night. That game was given away late by the players (other than MSS). Let's see what he does these next two games. At this point...
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    That stats/coaching choice that has puzzled me the most this year

    Rhoades has no idea who to play or the best style of play to win games. Not saying I know either but for $1.5m and being three years in he should be able to figure this out. He seems like a good CEO of the program but I do not think we ever have a tactical advantage in any conference games...
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    What would you do if you were coach ?

    Mike Rhoades has a duty to do everything he can with the players he has to win games. Players want to win, if a player is coming here to have the security of guaranteed playing time when they are an upper classman is that the type of player we want? Being loyal and having a players back has...
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    Players 🦴 Nah'Shon "Bones" Hyland 🦴

    VCU is a top 50 program with great facilities, fan support, and exposure. Bones is going to be THE featured player next year. He has everything he needs right here to both win big in college and develop himself into an NBA caliber player.
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    The Beat the Nationally Ranked Dayton Flyers in the Stu Thread

    Hopefully Vince is back to being Vince the rest of the season. Having him and MSS playing at the same time solved a lot of our rebounding issues we have had all year.
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    The Beat the Nationally Ranked Dayton Flyers in the Stu Thread

    I thought all four freshman played really well. Good things just seem to happen when Clark is in. Let's rest Evans until the A10 tourney. We are just fine at point guard with Bones starting and Clark getting 10-12 minutes off the bench. It's pretty exciting to have two freshman point guards who...
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    The state of Ramnation

    TTU and UVA had a set (and limited) rotation and each player had a very clear role. That is our biggest problem. At this point MR needs to give up on "The Army" approach, it's not working. Run the offense through Bones, Deri, and MSS. We have some skill with these three guys. Everyone else...
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    Serious discussion about PT

    I'm not ready to give up on Vince yet, I think he turns it around when he eventually comes back. He was really good as a freshman last year. I like the way Rhoades is playing Bones. I do not want him to wear down before March. Maybe Bones could handle starter minutes but I have to think Rhoades...
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    Players 🦴 Nah'Shon "Bones" Hyland 🦴

    I'm sure most would agree he needs to shoot it more, part of that is he needs to play more. Maybe Coach doesn't want him to get worn down before March, which I think does make some sense considering he is a freshman and appropriately nicknamed bones. Hopefully we can keep him fresh the rest...
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    The Official Beat The Fayers in Ohio Thread

    We could use a PF this year who can make threes, no doubt about it. But I do not think we have this huge problem attracting big men. If anything it is the coaching staff not making it a priority. Hason Ward was a sought after recruit last year. Brown-Jones who is coming in next year looks like...
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    W3=Wiretap Willie Wade

    I have been following the Wade situation closer than the others, but were any of those close to as egregious as Wade's? In Wade's situation the evidence is concrete (of an attempt). Unless the recording was a hoax.