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  1. SPI-DA1

    Massive deficits

    I have to agree. As an ex athlete I will say, you could have all the physical attributes you want but that will only get you so far. Keep your head in the game one play at a time. We have great athletes that much we know. I am not downing our seniors but I did expect the majority to be playing...
  2. SPI-DA1


    We have been exposed since the first URI game...same blue print. Blow past the first defender and you are on your way to an easy bucket. Slow rotations and very poor outside shooting. Oh well different team same script.
  3. SPI-DA1

    The Official Must Beat the Ticks in the RC Thread

    Hard game to watch. I still love my Rams though. With that being said I am a realist. We are not winning The A10 Tournament and surely are not getting an at large bid. Time to start playing the freshmen and get them some playing time to gear up for next year. That’s real talk.
  4. SPI-DA1

    The Official Beat the Keaney Blue Rams in Rhode Island Thread

    I like the concept of using the army to wear teams down. A: We did not hit enough shots to get into a rhythm from the jump B: Rhody went straight up the middle (as they always do on us) virtually uncontested and C: We just plainly got outworked. Rebounding is about hustle . I believe they out...
  5. SPI-DA1

    The Official Beat the Keaney Blue Rams in Rhode Island Thread

    The fact is the game was lost in the first half. At this point there should be high expectations from everyone who touches the floor. We got beat not because of talent...we got out hustled... out worked...out swaggered...we basically laid down in the first half and put ourselves too far...
  6. SPI-DA1

    The Official Beat the Keaney Blue Rams in Rhode Island Thread

    Exactly...need to get a little street edge.
  7. SPI-DA1

    The Official Beat the Keaney Blue Rams in Rhode Island Thread

    I am die hard...But the way we are playing or rather not playing does not give me much hope. Down 22. That’s not a hole it is a pit. Oh well...They got our number. My last rant.
  8. SPI-DA1

    The Official Beat the Keaney Blue Rams in Rhode Island Thread

    Psychological...playing way they come back this far down...At large?....After this showing? Nobody is playing like they want the game. Wow. Just 😲 wow.
  9. SPI-DA1

    The Official Beat the Keaney Blue Rams in Rhode Island Thread

    Look like we are playing shell shocked. Somebody needs to get a pair and step up!
  10. SPI-DA1

    The Official Beat the Keaney Blue Rams in Rhode Island Thread

    Going straight up the middle all day.
  11. SPI-DA1

    The Official Beat The Ticks for the 1st time in 2020 Thread @ The Animal

    Corey played the way I always thought he should at this point. Just an overall great game for him. Bones passing is crazy!! Jenkins and Vann did what they were suppose to.They played like seasoned players. congrats to Evans going over two thousand and closing out the game. The Army delivered...
  12. SPI-DA1

    The Official Beat the La Salle Explorers in Philly Thread

    First....we won!! The Explorers have some good shooters and did not give up. Cudo’s to them. With that being said, we still are making too many turnovers. There is enough blame to go around. I have to admit, I expect our seniors to be playing at a higher level by now. We have a great team but...
  13. SPI-DA1

    The Official Beat the Greyhounds of Loyola University in the Animal

    I enjoyed the game. With that being said we are who we are at this point. The most obvious point to note is, so as our shooting goes so goes our chance to win a championship. Teams in The A10 are going to double and triple team MSS. Remember they used that formula Tillman’s last year. The...
  14. SPI-DA1

    The Official Beat The Tennessee Volunteers in the Emerald Coast Classic

    Two tough fought games each with a three point loss. Although I thought us capable of winning both games, there are things the team can work on to get much better. We did not get blown out in either game and the guys fought hard. Also these were our first games of the year outside The Stu. The...
  15. SPI-DA1

    The Official Beat the Jacksonville State University Gamecocks Thread

    That was a great game to watch!! I’m going to watch it again.:)
  16. SPI-DA1

    News New Downtown Arena

    Indicators of possible movement?? Sometimes the wheels turn slow in the background before they pick up steam....
  17. SPI-DA1

    News New Downtown Arena

    Wrong and wrong....Carmax just put a office downtown at the old hat factory....Costar now has 700 employees downtown...They are getting ready to build another part to the biotech park downtown...and the list goes on...If you are a developer as you say then you would know these facts not just...
  18. SPI-DA1

    News New Downtown Arena

    YEAH I believe the Richmond metro area is ranked around 44 or 45. As someone who deals with commercial real estate I’m not sure where you are getting your data . The Richmond metro are is experiencing a significant amount of developments.
  19. SPI-DA1

    News New Downtown Arena

    IMHO this is a great area! I believe in growth as long as it is controlled and planned. Slow but steady seems to be the best bet. It is important to establish our own identity as a region and not try to copycat others.
  20. SPI-DA1

    News New Downtown Arena

    Exactly...Since obvious there is not going to be regional cooperation, the city is left to figure things out good or bad. My hope has always been that the entire region flourishes not just one area. Richmond is on the uptick and that is good for the entire area.