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  1. SPI-DA1

    Success Breeds Success: VCU A Winning Program

    When we look back over the past 15 years we have had 5 different coaches all of which have went to the NCAA tournament at least once. Not one of those coaches has had a loosing season. 14 post season appearances. 11 NCAAs, 2 NITs, and 1CBI. Congratulations to Coach Rhoads for his first of what...
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    I Just felt like saying this...with the upsets that are happening you think it is because these P5 schools are overlooking the so called "lesser schools" and are victims of complacency and just believing their own hype...or is it just parity catching up with them...thought I would throw It...
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    We Still Are "THE SHOW"

    They say that no one hates a looser...well, when you have won as much as we have the way we have over the past decade it is easy to have a slew of haters out there....I embrace the hate and I embrace the love...I am not sure what our TV ratings are but we have been transformed from unknowns to...
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    You can win a championship here: With CAA quality players?

    I hate to admit it but fact is fact. FGMU came dangerously close to winning a championship in 2006 with so called CAA quality players and VCU in 2011. All this talk about wining because you have better players and better facilities means nothing when you play the game. See UK 2015...
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    I am so happy right now because I understand the significance of going to five NCAA tournaments in a row under the same coach. It seems every yea since he got here there is an assistant leaving yet we still have stability.... this is a testament to how organized and dependable the system that...
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    Patience: The Stew Is Still Cooking

    This season is far from over. We still have a chance to win the A10 tournament and win a couple of games post season if things go our way.....Flash forward to 2017.....IMHO this would be a more realistic time frame to have legitimate shot at the Final Four....Mo,Lewis and Burgess will be strong...
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    21 Years and The Dark Times

    JD Barnett left after the 1984-85 season. The 21 years following that we have won 20 or more games only five times...1987,1993, 1996,2002, and 2004. Not until Anthony Grant arrived have we have consistent back to back 20 plus win seasons....this is number 9 in a row and the season is still...
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    I must admit I have been floating through the season waiting to see that old VCU swag rear it's head.....I had been waiting and waiting and it was more of a meh.....maybe next week every week....this is the game I was waiting for .....a game that said don't f**k with us!!....Brilliant move by...
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    Why it is smart to want to play against HAVOC

    We all know the saying to be the best you have to beat the best. Well to beat the best you have to play against the best. Who is better at doing what we do on the level that we do it one....Toledo like Tennessee gained valuable experience this past week playing against (IMHO) one of the...
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    Big shout out to the Women's basketball team on the victory against Presbyterian today. I enjoyed watching them play. I had the wife with me and she really enjoyed watching the game. She said it is a lot more interesting watching in person. There are a few things that need to be worked on but...
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    The Dark Horse

    A dark horse is a little-known person or thing that emerges to prominence, especially in a competition of some sort[1] or a contestant that seems unlikely to succeed. Given the fact that we have such a talented and deep team this year who will emerge as the player who comes from the shadows to...
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    I Just Want To Keep em'

    I loved our uniforms this year. I especially love them in the black. I thought they gave us a distinctive look and since all of our guys are fit athletic looking guys the cut on the jerseys gave us a don't f*@k with me sort of look. I am just looking over some pictures and I am nominating this...
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    Forgive Me I had to post this: FODU desperite for C*IT BID

    It seems that FODU is hard up to get into The ClIT Tournament...funny as heck...oh how far the cat has fallen....the cat chasing the the
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    Coach Smarts record now stands at 133 wins against 44 losses. Sony Smith had 136 wins against 127 losses. With the regular season now over Coach Smart has a chance to become the all-time winningest coach in school history...he can tie if he wins all three games in Brooklyn and 1 win in the...
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    7 of 16: That is a problem

    I know it has been talked about before but 7-16 at the free throw line...common mane....that's 9 free points we left on the floor...we lost by 10....In tight games it is critical to make your free throws...maybe I am just too old school but to me free throws should darn near be a gimme...
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    Shaka should catch JD this year and most likely pass Sony

    Coach Smart needs 22 wins as of the start of 2013-14 to pass JD for number of wins as a VCU head coach. He needs 26 to pass Sony who is the all time leader. Since Coach Smart has been here he has had no fewer than 27 wins a season. If this stands true to form then Shaka will become VCUs all...
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    The Black Uniforms Said "We Mean Business"

    Maybe it's just me but when I watched our guys on TV against UVA it seemed as if the uniforms themselves had a menacing look about them. You know like how the old Oakland Raiders had that look in their black jearseys. Maybe it was just the bright lights. Our guys looked good in them and they...
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    Terrance Saintil

    I was just wondering what ever became of Terrance Santil and ran across this info. Looks like he had a decent season this year at Pikesville.
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    Bilas, Katz, and O'Neal pick VCU for the Final Four

    Looks like havoc has made Bilas a believer :ugeek::ugeek::ugeek:
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    LOL...Remember when...

    The setting Circa 2006. Remeber when the Jeff Capel bolted for OU and it seemed as if we would take a step backwards in the evoulution of our basketball program. After all he did take us to our first NCAA tournament in 8 years. Doom and gloom prevailed and we got Anthony Grant ( another young...