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    The real possibility that there isn't a season this year

    @AlienAiden - where did you get the mask? I have been looking for a VCU one.
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    Players Marcus Santos-Silva announces departure from VCU

    I think it’s fair to say this was one of those issues that caused the team to underperform this season. I’m sure some of MSS’s family’s criticism was likely coming through him and into the locker room. We all saw him disengage the last half of the conference season. You have a dinged up Evans, a...
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    Players Marcus Santos-Silva

    I decided to go look at some of MSS highlight tapes from his BABC days and while most of it looks similar to his work at VCU (close to the basket, hook shot/lay ups, rebounds), there are several jumpers and drives. I’m sure as his body has matured and his athleticism increased, he may be able to...
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    2020 transfer news/targets

    Nice pick up for GW
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    Pre-Season Overseas Trip

    Obviously we would need to get through the current pandemic situation, but isn’t VCU eligible this year for a pre-season trip overseas? Has anyone heard anything about possibilities? It could help our young group get going prior to the season.
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    The Official Beat the GW Colonials in the Stu Thread

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    2019-2020 Opponent Tracking

    The back court of Carry and Austin for Duquesne along with Hughes on the block is a solid nucleus for the Dukes. Will see who they give fits as we get further along but looked dominant against a struggling Davidson team.
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    The Official Beat Rhody on Friday in Brooklyn Thread

    The true most-improved player of the A-10 MSS is feasting today. Love it!
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    Michael Gilmore Deserves His Own Thread..

    Michael Gilmore wins rings while at VCU. 2015 and 2019.
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    Players Marcus Santos-Silva

    I noticed last night that the short hooks he was missing were when he was forced to fade away from his shot due to the defender. Obviously when you're fading back you need to put a little more on the shot to compensate. I know he'll figure it out, and he certainly has all the tools to be a...
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    The Official Beat the Charleston Cougars in the Animal Thread

    Vince Williams effort, hustle, and overall highlight of a game had me on my feet the most. That kid is going to be fun to watch the next few years. It is a promising sign to have two underclassmen (VW and MSS) having themselves a game against good competition in CoC. I think our misfortunes will...
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    Home court advantage in the Stu

    Last night was the first game I've been to in a while, and it SUUUUUCKED to go from a raging environment after we capitalized on a turnover or made a huge bucket to then have to stop and pay attention to whatever corporate sponsor game. Kills the momentum.
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    Official Fodu Thread

    Doesn’t ODU play a pack line defense? Will be interesting to see how we do. Good warm up for UVA.
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    Tough loss

    Specific to the last play of the game, Rhoades was on the court immediately calling for the foul. He was getting after them for that.
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    Attendance (or lack thereof)

    I thought it was pretty telling that seats at the B&G game were still being advertised as being open for sale ($5,000 donation, too!). I think it might be time to adjust the price to get fans back in that were priced out in previous years. As far as students - I agree with the FCFS model back...
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    The Official Beat The GWU Runnin' Bulldogs Thread

    My guess is that is in there because they can’t guarantee they will have a specific shirt size for every individual that walks in the door. It’s more of a release from liability than a true shortage of shirts based on attendees.
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    The 2018-19 Season

    Sounds like havoc ran them out the BDC