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    The Official Beat The Louisiana State Bayou Tigers in the Animal Thread

    Can we boo the entire time LSU possesses the ball? Like is that still a thing...?
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    The Official Beat The Louisiana State Bayou Tigers in the Animal Thread

    As a Rowdy Ram, I can tell you all on this board the students are going to BRING IT. I have not been this pumped for a game in YEARS. If we want to win here's a couple of things we need to see improvements on: # of turnovers we commit, three-point shooting %, and our guards need to have better...
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    Players 🦴 Nah'Shon "Bones" Hyland 🦴

    Does anyone know when we can expect an official announcement?
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    HATE WEEK PART ONE: The 2019 Official Beat Fur in the Animal Thread

    Honestly, I am speechless. This is gold.
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    The Official Beat The Keaney Blue Rams @URI Thread

    Road games are never easy, especially in conference play. URI brings 3 guys at you Fatts, Dowtin, and Langevine. The offense runs through Fatts, so we need to limit his touches and apply pressure for 40 minutes. I like our defense to pull out a gutsy road win. VCU 65 uri 62
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    The Official Beat the FU Rams in NYC for 2019 Thread

    Will be watching this game on ESPN+. Some things to note about Fordham, according to Kenpom Fordham ranks 280/353 in Offensive efficiency, 343/353 in adjusted tempo, and 352/353 in Non-conf SOS. Only two of their wins have come against teams with a winning record (FIU and Rutgers). This team...
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    The Official Beat the Charleston Cougars in the Animal Thread

    I had to take a couple of days to process our loss to Charleston. Charleston is a good team, probably will win the CAA and could potentially win a game in the Big Dance. Riller is a big time player, we have no one close to his offensive capabilities at the moment. Disappointing loss, however we...
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    The Official Beat The Temple Owls in Brooklyn Thread

    I feel pleasantly optimistic about tonight. I say Rams win! 77-71
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    Fantasy 3- Gardner Webb

    DJ MSS Simms 146
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    The Official Beat The GWU Runnin' Bulldogs Thread

    I think tonight will start slow, this is our first test against a D1 program. The Rams will go into the half up maybe 5 or 6, and close out the game winning by 12-18 points. VCU 83 Gardner-Webb- 69
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    Attendance (or lack thereof)

    This is my take, we have been selling out the arena post final four. Each year we kept going back to the NCAA tournament making our tickets/games a hot commodity. After last year's season, many of the people who hopped on our bandwagon have now hopped off. The crowd that shows up for our games...
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    Fantasy 3: VCU v UVA-Wise

    DJ Vann Mobley 130
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    Recruiting VCU Recruiting

    Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle.
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    Recruiting VCU Recruiting

    Wouldn't it be funny if Mike Gilmore came back as a GT?
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    The Official Beat Fur in the RC (Hate Week Part Two)

    Tonight is a must-win. Losing to fur twice would ruin the season for me. I have hope that we learned from our mistakes the first go round with them and pray that Rhoades has a game plan to attack them for all 40 minutes. Go Rams!
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    The Official Beat Fur in the Animal (Hate Week Part One)

    I don't even know how to start this post. We got beat, handily, by a team that is now 5-13. Mooney has "havoc" (if that is what we still call our bush league defense) figured out. We are constantly relying on the three and we shoot it awfully, playing with no defensive intensity, and our overall...
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    The Official Beat Fur in the Animal (Hate Week Part One)

    fur has an RPI of 241 (tier 4 home game). If we somehow lose tonight we are in for a much much longer season. However we are 7-0 against tier 4. We have an RPI of 106 (tier 2 away game for the ticks) fur is 0-4 in tier 2 games. We have to stop them on D, shut down Buckingham, Sherod, and don't...
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    The Official Beat The Fayers in Dayton Thread

    Regardless of the off-year that Dayton is having, it is going to be a tough road game. I am hoping we don't dig ourselves into an early hole because trying to climb out of that in Dayton will be difficult. Rams: 81 Fayers: 77
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    The Official Beat The DU Dukes in The Animal Thread

    Gonna give my prediction, I have a lot of faith in our guys to come out and dominate from start to finish. Dusquesne comes in with an RPI of 210 and a non-conf SOS of 344. I just hope we do not underestimate the power of good coaching from Dambrot. VCU: 84 Dusquesne: 73
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    Beat The North Florida Ospreys in the Animal Thread

    Missed the season opener, first game of the season I will be at, as a student now! I predict a Rams victory on Monday night. VCU: 81 UNF: 64