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  1. fmrick

    Three tickets to St. Joe's

    I've got three tickets for the St. Joe's game on Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2019. Plans have changed and I can't make it. The tickets are good ones, Section 202, Row 2, Seat 7, 8, and 9. This is on the sideline, upper deck. If you have been there you know that the lower deck is pretty small and this...
  2. fmrick

    Schedule Barclay's Discount tickets

    Got an e-mail this morning for a DISCOUNT on A-10 Tournament tickets. It says that it is for "select price levels", so I'm not sure if it is good for all sections, general admission, or whatever. I did not try to use it because I already have my seats. Here is the info from the link...
  3. fmrick

    Staff New coach at Cincinnati

    Just heard the the new coach at Cincinnati will be former VCU assistant John Brannen. He was here under Grant and went with Anthony to Alabama. He went to Northern Kentucky as the head coach in their first season as a D1 team, leading them the past three years to two Horizon regular season...
  4. fmrick

    Friday, March 8, 2019- 9:05 pm. Help send a message.

    OK people, it is time. Picked 7th and 9th. Locked up 1st on the road, winning against one of our rivals. Time to let people know. Spread the word. Let's send a message. To our coaches. To our Team. To our foes. And to those who said it could not be done by the second year coach with...
  5. fmrick

    A-10 NCAA Net Rankings

    Since we are getting near the end of the OOC season, I've put together the current NCAA NET rankings for all the A-10 teams and our Out of Conference teams. I'll try to add a few metrics for the teams as I figure them out from reviewing the NET Rating System. For example, the margin of...
  6. fmrick

    VCU @ ODU Nov 28

    SOLD I have a couple of extra @ODU tickets. While you can still buy tickets from ODU, if you select "Best Available" you get behind the basket. These seats are in the pie-shaped section (114) in the corner behind the VCU bench. This is the section they used to sell us all the time. Now...
  7. fmrick

    For BG- Center Court & Parking Pass (Broad Street)

    Got three for the Bowling Green game with a parking pass (Broad St). They are Section 24 (C section) Row F (6) on the aisle. $50 takes them all. I can meet you before game so you can use parking pass. I'll be in the area around 5pm.
  8. fmrick

    Schedule OT: ODU tickets now on sale Select- Single game, VCU. So far there are no Clubs available. I bought two in section 114, row J. Lets buy them all up.
  9. fmrick

    Tickets for @ ur game

    I may have up to 10 tickets available to me for the game at UR on March 2nd. I'll know for sure in early November. If you are interested in buy tickets, let me know. I'll put you on the list. Also, I have two tickets for every other ur game. These are in the 5th row behind the vistor's...
  10. fmrick

    2018 LEGENDS Classic at Barclays

    November 19 and 20. Pre-sales started today. If you are interested in buying today use the pre-sale code- 2018LEGENDS Just bought four at center court, third row.
  11. fmrick

    Two tickets for @GW

    I've got two tickets for the GW game. They are in the upper center section, mid court. Selling them for FACE value- $35. PM me if you are interested. I can bring them to the game on Wednesday or meet you Friday somewhere around town.
  12. fmrick

    The rest of the season (Updated 2/11/2018)

    (Updated version posted on 2/11/2018 later in thread. To go directly, click link below) The rest of the season (Updated 2/11/2018) OK, keep the player and coach talk elsewhere. This is going to be a neutral thread that talks about where we are schedule wise and how the season will progress...
  13. fmrick

    Winthrop @ VCU, 2 tickets SOLD!

    Sorry- SOLD Got two tickets for the Winthrop at VCU game. Tue Dec 19 @ 7 pm. Section 7 Row P (behind the home bench). $40/each, total $80. Must be sold together. Include Commonwealth Room passes. Payment: Paypal (preferred) Venmo Will leave tickets at Will Call. PM if interested.
  14. fmrick

    Texas- Section 7 Row G- SOLD!

  15. fmrick

    Two for sale- ODU

  16. fmrick

    Advice from sellers- Handling non-payment

    Any comments or suggestions for handing non-payment for tickets sold here? I sold two tickets for face value. It was to a RamNation member. It was a late sale, so I just left them at Will Call and told them to come by my seat with payment. Did not happen. Later sent me a PM saying they came...
  17. fmrick

    Selling two for Mon. Nov.13 (No. Fla)

    Two tickets Section 7 Row P Seats 5 & 6 (Behind home bench) Commonwealth Room access. $25/each $50 total (won't sell just one) PM me.
  18. fmrick

    A-10 Tiebreaker 2017

    This shows the current status of the Tiebreakers for the A-10. If you see any errors, let me know. Games yet to be played are blank. Where there are no other games to be played, I added the current record. Looks like this is going to come down to some ties. I'll update it after every set of...
  19. fmrick

    Wow, even I'm impressed
  20. fmrick

    VCU- #1 or #2 seed.

    Put the pen to the paper after the win tonight and came up with the following (feel free to check the math): There are five ways for this to play out. With a WIN on Saturday at Dayton, VCU will be in sole possession of 1st and the #1 seed. With a LOSS on Saturday at Dayton, there are four...