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  1. buckwheat

    Predict the Opponent

    Winner gets......nothing but props. I’ll go with Louisville.
  2. buckwheat

    Conference tourney "advantage"

    I got to thinking the other day. Remember when all those caazone clowns would tell everyone that the CAA tourney was rigged for VCU because of being so close to home? For those not around posting then, these folks (mostly ODU, Mason, and Drexel) would absolutely lose their minds every single...
  3. buckwheat

    All things Dougie Brooks

    This is long overdue. The J.R. Smith of Ramnation. The Whoopie Goldberg of Lake Wales. The best hair since Freak On A Leash was on regular MTV rotation. The dreadlocked ponytail man.
  4. buckwheat

    True Detective

    Are there shows out there that deserve their own thread? Yup. I know a couple of you mentioned TD in passing in a couple of threads. I finally got around to it and binge watched all 8 episodes over the weekend. Wow, what an amazing show. So many themes it could be turned into a college film...
  5. buckwheat

    Beware A-10 network charge

    Sorry to start any thread with my nonsense, let alone one during the tourney, but it may save some folks a few bucks..... I just saw on my credit card that the A-10 network charged me again for another four months starting in March. I had no idea it even went on after hoops. In looking at fine...
  6. buckwheat

    what have you been listening to thread

    i'm always looking for new music, and am always curious as to what everyone else is listening to. so lay it on me. here's a few bands i've really enjoyed recently. okkervil river has been one of my faves for a while now. they just put out a new album. fantastic band. here's an oldie but...
  7. buckwheat

    predictions- who will we get?

    i know our game tomorrow will have an impact on seeding, but put that aside for a second. who will we get? i will go with st. mary's.
  8. buckwheat


    argo = very good. silver linings playbook = overrated. well acted, but overrated. from the cheesy tailgate fight scene until the end, it just got absurdly silly. the first 1/3 was good though. so do they just nominate every decent movie that comes out for best picture now? blah.
  9. buckwheat

    all-america team

    is this the weakest preseason all-america team in a while? don't get me wrong, i think it's great to see a couple mid-major guys on there, but still. ok, so zeller, mcdermott, and thomas are all fairly obvious choices. canaan from murray st. and mccollum from lehigh round it out. (i think the...
  10. buckwheat

    RGIII and the Skins

    only one game, but man was this guy impressive in one of the toughest stadiums in the nfl. strong arm, accurate passes, and great slashing ability when needed. i just hope that he realizes what michael vick never has, that nfl linebackers hit very hard. don't be a running qb until you have to...
  11. buckwheat

    Orioles Magic

    i'm done with the nats thread. very happy for those guys as well, but i've been waiting 14 long years for my orioles to have a winning season. they're now in first place (for now). i've watched lots and lots and lots AND LOTS of losing baseball since the o's last fielded a winning team my senior...
  12. buckwheat

    #when in rva thought this one deserved its own thread. enjoy.
  13. buckwheat

    ned ryerson

    does cinema get any better than when phil connors has finally had enough and beats ned ryerson? i don't think so.
  14. buckwheat

    newest sports illustrated

    was just flipping through. anyone else see our vcu brand in the newest issue of SI? if not, take a look at the scorecard section. kind of took me by surprise. pretty cool. always great to have our university in such a widely popular sports publication. edit: here's the article...
  15. buckwheat

    jerry dipoto for GM?

    looks like dipoto is interviewing with both the angels and orioles. while i personally don't think he will land either gig, it's great to see him doing so well in the front office. if he doesn't get a GM position this year, he has set himself up very well for a future position within the next...
  16. buckwheat

    The Shame of College Sports ... ts/8643/1/ very well written and researched article. it's pretty long but well worth it. i learned more than a few things i didn't know. highly recommended reading.
  17. buckwheat


    not sure if you guys have heard or not, but former wizards assistant coach mike wells has been hired by paul hewitt at george mason. this is a huge get for the patriots, as this guy has 17 years of nba coaching experience under his belt. he was even assistant to the traveling secretary on the...
  18. buckwheat

    Madhouse on Madison roll call

    the madhouse on madison. the UC. and now...the ramhouse on madison. ol buckwheat hasn't seen the rams play live since the 3/9/09 stomping of mason in the CAA finals, and has been jealous every every roll call thread since. well, now it's my turn. just bought 4 tickets to tomorrow's night...
  19. buckwheat

    find the ram

    find baze and long too. a certain mascot sticks out as well.
  20. buckwheat

    adjustments for tonight?

    biggest game of the year tonight and there isn't much talk about the actual game itself. so here goes. it seems that vcu and smart made some necessary adjustments for mason and learned a lot from the earlier blowout loss. the guys played better defense and were calm, cool, and collected out...