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  1. xjohnx

    The New Revised Official Beat rhode island Thread

    Flip the script. Win or go home. LEGGO.
  2. xjohnx

    The New Revised Official Beat dayton Thread

    flip the script. win or go home. leggo.
  3. xjohnx

    2 for VCU @ Richmond

  4. xjohnx

    2 to St Joes, 2nd row behind St Joe's bench

    See for details.
  5. xjohnx

    Will Wade appreciation thread

    Can we take a second and recognize the outstanding job Will Wade & company have done this month? We may as well start calling the man Mr. September. He is straight killing the recruiting game.
  6. xjohnx


    WHO'S COMING WITH ME?! I was talking to @ChemE_Ram about the upcoming reseating and it occurred to us that with current seating availability we should take advantage of this reseating to form a RamNation/Rowdy Alumni section. Something reminiscent of the old "C" section. I'm suggesting we...
  7. xjohnx

    ROLL CALL: @richmond 1/16

    Who's making the trek out to the county this Saturday?! Any pre-game meetups planned? I'll be there, 2 rows off the floor. LEGGGOOOOO! I'm considering ubering in to avoid the parking crap-show.
  8. xjohnx

    6'5" 195 Canadian PG/SG Marquell Fraser Commits to VCU

    Continued at:
  9. xjohnx

    News 2015-16 Officiating Points of Emphasis Lots more in the article. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and the impact it will have on the game.
  10. xjohnx

    WVCW Interview with Jonathan Williams Great interview, love the candor here.
  11. xjohnx

    News Time to look for a new bar in Brooklyn - Die Koelner Bierhalle Seized for Nonpayment of Taxes
  12. xjohnx


    A buddy of mine has 4 UVA SRO tickets that he's selling. 250/pair, 450 for all four. He's pretty firm on the price but asked that I spread the word for him. If you're interested let me know and I can arrange the details.
  13. xjohnx

    The Peppas - Straight Killing It

    These guys go hard every game, but they straight killed it tonight. I don't think many of us realize how lucky we are to have the best band in the NCAA' far. That's right, Nurse Nix. I said it.
  14. xjohnx

    New rules

    Jimmy Dykes has been tweeting findings from the new rulebook the past hour or so. One that looks especially beneficial to VCU and havoc is this: I can't count the number of 10 second calls we missed last year. More at
  15. xjohnx

    News ESPN: CBB Future Power Rankings

    Coming in at #16:
  16. xjohnx

    News Puerto Rico Tipoff Charter Flight Info Released

    tl;dr - save your money. FWIW, round trip flights to San Juan out of Richmond for those same days are currently $385.
  17. xjohnx

    Ram Athletic Fund Donation Deadline Approaching!

    Make sure to get your donations in before tomorrow if you want to be able to purchase season tickets next year. With reseating rapidly approaching now is a great time (and your last chance) to consider increasing your annual contribution to improve your Ram Ranking to snag a better seat...