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  1. Ram Jam

    This season may not have gone as expected...

    ...but hey at least we got that weird internet broadcast of the Tennessee game where it would slow down at points and you'd just heard that super creepy slow bass "Deee'rrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiaaaannnnnte Jeeeeeeenkiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnns" Easily the high point of the season for me.
  2. Ram Jam

    Official Thread about naming threads "Official"

    Why do you do this? Do you understand what the term "official" means? Perhaps there is some sort of VCU Ram Nation thread commission or regulatory body that I should be appealing to to receive "official status" and am simply unfamiliar with.
  3. Ram Jam

    Anyone watching the game in Baltimore?

    Not sure if there is a "VCU" bar here or not...
  4. Ram Jam

    Recruiting International Recruiting

    Is there a reason we don't ever recruit/sign international players? I'm guessing it's a budget thing, but we did just spend a bajillion dollars on a practice facility so I'd think we could afford a few trips overseas...
  5. Ram Jam

    The Unofficial score more points than Rider in the Stuart C. Siegel Center Thread

    Please note this thread is unofficial.
  6. Ram Jam

    Corey Douglas is a grown a** MAN

    That is all.
  7. Ram Jam

    League Trouble at GW This sounds like a HOT MESS...
  8. Ram Jam

    Players ESPN Article on Larry Sanders
  9. Ram Jam

    Not sure where to post this...

    This is next level sh*t.
  10. Ram Jam

    Players Marcus Santos-Silva

    I'm definitely happy that MSS is sticking with VCU but it seems to me that he's a player that would fit better in Wade's system than in Rhoade's (which by early talk will be much more HAVOCy). Anyone else have similar concerns? If the tape tells a different story please let me know...