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  1. VCU RAM

    First 10 Games in VCU History

    I was curious and pulled up the records for the first 10 games in every season of VCU Basketball to see how our season stacks up against our history. No ill-intent meant, mostly my curiosity. None of the results are weighted with the quality of opponent we lost to, so realistically what's shown...
  2. VCU RAM

    Need 2 for PV (No longer!)

    Need some last min tix, pref in seats and not the bleachers. PM if you have, can paypal immediately! Thanks!
  3. VCU RAM

    Need x2 Tickets for Cal (PA)

    Lookin for 2 tickets to tomorrow's game against Cal PA! GF is working and I'm off, so gonna do this trip solo this time! PM me if you have an extra! I'm in Fairfax so I can either pick up from someone up here, around VCU pre-game or at will call, whichever works best! **Now need 2!
  4. VCU RAM

    #5 VCU vs. #12 Akron (Discussion)

    Discuss!! We lucked out on this one.
  5. VCU RAM

    Vegas Watch Parties!?

    It's my spring break and drivin out tonight with my lady to Vegas from Denver. Anyone know any Vegas watch parties goin down?
  6. VCU RAM

    Lookin for VCU Basketball Photos

    Hey all, just looking to see if anyone has some high res photos that they wouldn't mind sending me so I can have them printed and framed, or imaged onto canvas so I can spice up my basement lounge w/ some VCU fandom (as you can see it's fairly plain right now) I'm lookin for: 1. High Res...
  7. VCU RAM

    Single Season Win Record [Broken]

    Grats Rams :) Let's add a few more to the 29wins!!!
  8. VCU RAM

    Need 1 tix for Georgia State *updated*

    Hey all, Looking for 2 tickets to Georgia State on the 4th. I'll be leaving Colorado and headin back to VA for new years and my birthday (the day of the game), and was wondering if anyone had any extra tix. They don't have to be 2 seats near each other, going to try and squirm back into the...
  9. VCU RAM

    The Next Coaching Legends...

    Was skimming through old articles on ESPN and found this one and wasn't sure it was posted. It talks about all the coaches on track to become hall-of-fame coaching legends. Among some of the games greatest coaches, at the end it makes a special mention to Smart...
  10. VCU RAM

    Bill Self predicts outcome of a series with VCU Guess that's why he doesn't schedule us.
  11. VCU RAM

    Article: A smarter Cinderella

    Not sure if this article was posted, but it was a pretty good article that gave a lot of credit to our coach, team and band :)
  12. VCU RAM

    I'm convinced...

    All the games we've had in the tourny have been to prepare us for beating Kansas... USC... Battle to improve our defense and our ball movement Georgetown... Battle to improve our offensive prowess on the perimeter and our ball handling skills Purdue... Battle to improve our inside presence...
  13. VCU RAM

    Article: Ranking the Sweet 16 Teams I'll leave ya to look at where they rank us... Apparently the tics are ahead and we come out as fairly weak against everyone in the S16.
  14. VCU RAM

    VCU vs. USC: Thoughts

    Anyone have thoughts on this game? The only I thing I know about USC is what's already widely known. RPI: 69, SOS: 39 They've beaten Texas, Tennessee, Washington, UCLA, and Arizona at some point this season. How do we compare? What are our chances?
  15. VCU RAM

    #25 George Mason

    So GMU is ranked now #25 on the ESPN Coaches Poll, and is 9 votes away from being ranked in the AP Top 25. Would look good to beat them in the tourny next weekend, but chances are slim unless we pull our acts together.
  16. VCU RAM

    Rozzell's Injury?

    Anyone have an update on Rozzell's injury? If it's a hamstring injury or whatnot. I didn't see anything in the postgame article, so was wondering if anyone knew the seriousness of it. Hamstring injuries can be very serious to minor, and the fact that Rozzell sat after the half was kinda...
  17. VCU RAM

    VCU vs UR - (Pre, In, Post) Game Thread!

    So what do we need to do to win this one? It's not so easy to say "Just Win", this is probably gonna be the toughest game we've faced thus far this season due to the rivalry and the fact we're playin for the city title!
  18. VCU RAM

    USC Out of Postseason play 09-10 ... id=4792634 Looks like USC due to boosters violations with OJ Mayo, decided to self-impose sanctions on their Basketball program. I thought this was relevant to VCU basketball because it may lead to another at-large bid for our conference. USC seems...