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  1. Hops

    Recruiting 2020 Offers

    True - though the '81 team had a higher winning percentage. Also, the 2012 team had Shaka, Rhoades, and Will Wade coaching. Like them or hate them - together that is a pretty good group. Still - you make a good point. The lineup on paper is not always a great predictor of success...
  2. Hops

    Ace Baldwin commits to vcu!

    Ace is the real deal! The scoring is nice, but his court vision and passing are amazing. Oak Hill is/was the #2 HS in the country. Just watch his assists. Wow!
  3. Hops

    Players Bones Hyland earns Atlantic 10 Rookie of the Week

    All I know is Bones plays heads up and lights out. His decision making, 3point shooting, and handle are fast making him a fan favorite.
  4. Hops

    Players 🦴 Nah'Shon "Bones" Hyland 🦴

    Really enjoyed the "Bones" Hyland show last night. 5-7 from 3; 5 sweet assists. Real Baller.
  5. Hops

    The Official Beat The Purdue Boilermakers in the Emerald Coast Classic

    I'm glad no one throws shade on twitter after I have a sub-par meeting at work - pretending they could do my job better than me. That would be a real bush-league thing to do - back stabbing me in public. Heck, I'm trying as hard as I can. Sometimes I'm just off. I promise, I feel worse about...
  6. Hops

    The Official Beat The Purdue Boilermakers in the Emerald Coast Classic

    You don't beat many (any) good teams shooting poorly and giving up 21 turnovers. We played out of control on offense - particularly in the first half. Our team defended well, worked hard, but came up short. No one, and no team, is at their best all the time (Kentucky-Evansville; Duke-SFA). Win...
  7. Hops

    2019-2020 Opponent Tracking

    I know scheduling quality teams into the Stu is tough. Still, the better the opponents, the easier it will be to sell the tickets. So far this year, our OOC home opponents are 17-27. I have not done the math, but it feels like we've had tougher OOC schedules in the past.
  8. Hops

    2019-2020 Opponent Tracking

    LSU really struggling. Had the game wrapped up - then gave it away. Will needs to pay those kids a little more.
  9. Hops

    Ticket sales down?

    My story - saw my first Ram game in 73. Went to Final Four in Houston. Had great seats - but eventually got priced out in a restack. Now donate $2500/yr as part of a $7500/yr consortium (to get seats as good as my old $2500 seats). No complaints - love the Rams too much. Hope the...
  10. Hops

    The Official Beat the Jacksonville State University Gamecocks Thread

    Missed the game (out of town). Sounds like what a top 20 team is supposed to do. Great focus Rams. Planning to watch the replay later tonight.
  11. Hops

    2019-2020 Opponent Tracking

    The UR player is screaming "Wake up you old geezers - I just scored so we are only down 19"
  12. Hops

    The Official Beat the Red Flash of Saint Francis of Pennsylvania Thread

    Red Bares? Blistering Nakeds? Crimson Hotties? Flaming Shameless? I bet their mascot was popular. I wonder why they changed?
  13. Hops

    The Commonwealth Room and other Hospitality Areas

    Can someone with 1838 Lounge printed access still use their ticket to get into the Commonwealth Room? Asking for a friend. Similarly, since Founders club, 1838, and Long and Fosters are all outside the Siegel Center - I assume they are not open at halftime. Is there a half-time hospitality...
  14. Hops

    The Official Beat The Virginia State Trojans in The Animal Thread

    Perfect exhibition opponent. Gives a state team respect and an opportunity to test themselves. Like UVA giving us a home & home when other P5s were too chicken.
  15. Hops

    News News About RAMS In The Pros

    H Having an NBA starter and a key contributor on the Lakers is recruiting gold. Hope Bri, Justin, and others join them. Gives me a good reason to follow the NBA
  16. Hops

    News News About RAMS In The Pros

    Making the most of the talent you have is a Ram hallmark. Heart and hustle beats size and stars.
  17. Hops

    Running down an old "urban legend" about Butler VS VCU

    I committed as a lifelong fan after that amazing game.
  18. Hops

    Countdown to the Black & Gold Game

    Best B+G game in recent memory. - Bones showed he is more than a shooter (good assists, passing, defense, steals, handle); sneaky fast, too; He'll get minutes this year - Ward looked strong (led team in blocked shots, good hands, rebounder) -Team came out tight (missing shots) but warmed up...
  19. Hops

    Recruiting VCU Recruiting

    He saw a great game tonight. Players showing what VCU ball looks like. Can't wait for Ace and the others to join us next year.
  20. Hops

    Season prediction (2019-20) - thru Selection Sunday Mar 2020

    OOC 11-2 (losses to Purdue, Wichita St) A10 15-3 (losses to Dayton, Davidson, +1) Tour 2-1 (loss in final) 28-6 Six seed