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    Dave Benedict and UConn

    Not sure if this info was posted yet: Glad we do not have to cut any sports...
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    Turning the Page. New season starts 8:30pm v Dayton Tuesday

    I think the team will be pumped for this game.
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    CMR v WW v SS v AG

    WW, our last coach, went to the 'big' ;leagues and is 15-11, 6-8 in conference. And won't make the NCAA unless they win their conf tourney. SS, our second to last coach, is in his third year at a Power 5, and is 16-11, 6-8 in conference. And won't make the NCAA unless they win their conf...
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    Saturday/Sunday Afternoon Road Games=Loss

    Seems like any noon or 2p road start during the regular season over the past few years means a VCU loss?
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    New Stadium? multipurpose?
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    Dean Seipel Retiring
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    Great Bball Items in Auction

    for VCU Athletics, ends tomorrow, great Father's Day (or Mother's Day) gifts!
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    Homecoming 2015!

    Game will be at 2p! Can't wait!
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    Ot: Another Reason Why Not To Have Fball...
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    Budget Cuts

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    OT: OSU Band

    Another reason to be thankful of our Peppas. Look at the foolishness others get into...
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    Ed is THE MAN

    Congrats to Ed, great job!
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    MAC on Crutches

    Just saw him. What's the story?
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    Team Send Off

    Will there be one? And when?
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    SGA Tailgate!

    QQ Lot 2 p!
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    Don't forget, HC is early this year, so if you are a student, get there early!
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    Where can I get one?
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    VCU COO Leaving
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    Rams Win To Feed

    Let's beat the Hokies!