10 Years Ago Today....

Mar 19, 2014
Can still remember it like yesterday... Was in my 5th year teaching and coaching in Northern VA, left work early, picked up a sixer and headed home, excited to watch... My girlfriend (now wife) came home to our apartment, and I was on the edge of my seat... She said she couldn't handle the tension and went back into the bedroom. After he hit that shot, I ran back to the bedroom and said "VCU just beat Duke", she shot up and said "no way...", and then she came back out with me and we watched the replays.

So much has changed since then, we're married, living back in Richmond, bought our second house since that time, had two children, had a dog come and go.... But VCU Basketball has been a part every step of the way.

Happy 10th Anniversary!


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Nov 27, 2010
I remember watching this game at the old Mulligans in the Fan. The atmosphere that night was absolutely insane. When the shot went down, I thought the building was gonna collapse. My dad was out of town and I remember calling him, barely being able to talk I was so excited!