1968 VCU Rams

Apr 20, 2009
Interesting photo - 1968-69 ... Don Ross is in photo but he didn't play that season (Cisco played 67-68 RPI Rams ... then 69-70 ... never played fourth year eligibility)
Len Creech played 68-69 after sitting out 67-68 ...
Others in photo Steve Harvey (later VCU assistant AD and coach at old Cathedral High, just west of VCU)

Steve would be excellent source today for details

Dennis Logan, bobby Bostain, Roy Budd ... cut from team prior ot 69-70 ... stayed in school, play IMs
A couple of black guys, Ollie Jackson, Jasper Rice, didn't return 69-70 - don't know reason why
Keith Lawson had two solid seasons at VCU; later became policeman and was paralyzed in domestic; deceased)

That's like the "Forgotten Rams" - very little in way of individual statistics
Here's something interesting: wearing uniforms that say Rams - same uniforms as year before as RPI Rams, I think ... however color scheme changed from basic blue in 67-68 to black and gold in 68-69 ... but VCU wasn't "born" until about August, '68 - so possible no time/money to order new unis
Apr 20, 2009
No. 34 is definitely the late Keith Lawson (who was a bartender/waiter at Andy's) ... I believe "The Creechure" is clock wise, third from left, between Don Ross and another black guy I don't know.

I never saw this team in action (I believe its 68-69) ... first edition of Rams I actually laid eyes on was 69-70.

Just thought of something: Steve Harvey actually coached the VCU women's teams
77 and '78 ... so he and Ed Sherod are VCU's male players turned Rams' women's coaches ...
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Apr 22, 2009
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Pretty sure this is our first "VCU" Rams team. Obviously Dees in middle. Jabbo Wilkins is top left. My personal, sentimental favorite is Mike Fling top middle (over Benny's right shoulder). Great guy.

Every player on that team should have their number retired for having enough faith to be help start a dream for others to built on..