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Mar 8, 2010
Really not basketball related, but thought I would share this b/c it just underlines the sheer stupidty or UR Athletic Dept. Today is Edmond Koech birthday. He was in the Class of 1984 at UR. He placed 6th place at the 1984 Olympics his senior year in the 800M. His UR teammate Sos Bitok placed 7th in Mens 10,000M in the 1984 Olympics. Also competing in the Olympic games was UR senior Josephine White in the womens 1500M. The UR track team set NCAA records and even a world relay record. there were numerous All Americans that just missed making the Olympics like Jim McKeon, Julian Spooner.
Anyway, the next year in 1985 UR decided to scrap there track program. It was one of the best programs in the country and they said "to heck with it"??!! It was truly considered one of the most dumbfounded moves in track and field history. There was no financial reason to scrap it. UR just decided they had enough of a world class program.
Any way, around 2005, UR brings back the sport, but they do not fund it for the men. There is not 1 penny of scholarship money. And once again, they have numerous All Americans, qualify for national championships, have several US runners just barely miss making the Olympic teams and then they scrap the program again a few years ago!!! There was not one penny of scholarship money being allocated to the program, but they cut it again anyway. And it was not at a time of financial austerity.
Anyway, happy Birthday to UR grad and Olympic finalist Edmond Koech. Everytime I drive by UR athletic fields and see mediocre collegiate athletes practice for middle of the the pack A-10 rankings, it amazes me to think of what they threw away; world class excellence, TWICE.
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May 19, 2009
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Appalachian State (0-0)
????- (0-0)…. Charleston Classic (Thursday, November 19th, 2020)
????- (0-0)…. Charleston Classic (Friday, November 20th, 2020)
????- (0-0).... Charleston Classic (Sunday November 22nd, 2020)
@ LSU (0-0)
UNLV (0-0).... A10/Mountain West Challenge (Wednesday December 2nd, 2020)
Youngstown State (0-0).... (Saturday December 5th, 2020)
New Hampshire (0-0).... (Wednesday December 9th, 2020)
@ Old Dominion (0-0)....
Fairleigh Dickinson (0-0)

Conference Opponents
(0-0) (0-0 in A-10)
Saint Joseph's (0-0) (0-0 in A-10)
La Salle (0-0) (0-0 in A-10)
@ Duquesne (0-0) (0-0 in A-10)
Dayton x2 (0-0) (0-0 in A-10)
Richmond x2 (0-0) (0-0 in A-10)
@ George Washington (0-0) (0-0 in A-10)
Saint Louis (0-0) (0-0 in A-10)
George Mason x2 (0-0) (0-0 in A-10)
Rhode Island x2 (0-0) (0-0 in A-10)
Davidson x2 (0-0) (0-0 in A-10)
UMass (0-0) (0-0 in A-10)
@ St. Bonaventure (0-0) (0-0 in A-10)

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