20-21 Opponent Tracking


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Jan 30, 2013
Merrimack was a good squad this year. It was BS that they weren't eligible for post-season play. Depending on how unseasoned we are when we play them this could be a trap game.
It's an established rule: You can't be in the NCAAs or NIT unless you're a full D-1 member, a process that takes five years. It doesn't happen often but Winston-Salem State went through the reclassification process, was in the MEAC and playing full D-1 schedules for a couple of years, but returned to D-2 and the CIAA before they became full members. The lengthy transition is to ensure that the move-up programs are viable long-term, not just throwing all their chips into the pot and hoping to hang on early.

They mostly played low-end D1s and non-D1s in their OOC schedule but they did beat Northwestern by 10 so you never know.