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May 3, 2012
Fire Bruce Allen?
I am a Raiders fan so I know all about Bruce Allen. I have a story was when I was covering the Redskins/Raiders game years ago. I used to work for WWBT and covered the state legislature when George Allen was Governor. He always liked me when he found out I was a Shenandoah Valley boy. Even though he was from California he fashioned himself as a Valley guy. I saw him in the distance talking to his brother and Al Davis. I thought to myself.....hmmmm, if I walk near them Governor Allen will recognize me and introduce me to Al Davis. Well, I walked that way and Governor Allen said, hey! What are you doing here? and not hanging out in the Valley? This is my brother Bruce and Al Davis. I looked at Al who had his hair greased back, silver glasses, white and black sweatsuit in awe. He said, nice to meet you. I said, I have to say that I am a HUGE Raiders fan! He gave me a look and shook his fist then he said.....Once a Raaaaida! Always a Raaaaida! and he walked away.