2019-2020 Opponent Tracking


Top Tuna
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Mar 22, 2013
They will end up being good in conference play which is not the best scenario.
Agreed. Didn't see the Ohio game (and they're usually better than advertised) but losing and then losing Osunniyi isn't a great start.


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May 3, 2012
Fire Bruce Allen?
I am a Raiders fan so I know all about Bruce Allen. I have a story was when I was covering the Redskins/Raiders game years ago. I used to work for WWBT and covered the state legislature when George Allen was Governor. He always liked me when he found out I was a Shenandoah Valley boy. Even though he was from California he fashioned himself as a Valley guy. I saw him in the distance talking to his brother and Al Davis. I thought to myself.....hmmmm, if I walk near them Governor Allen will recognize me and introduce me to Al Davis. Well, I walked that way and Governor Allen said, hey! What are you doing here? and not hanging out in the Valley? This is my brother Bruce and Al Davis. I looked at Al who had his hair greased back, silver glasses, white and black sweatsuit in awe. He said, nice to meet you. I said, I have to say that I am a HUGE Raiders fan! He gave me a look and shook his fist then he said.....Once a Raaaaida! Always a Raaaaida! and he walked away.