2019-2020 Opponent Tracking


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Apr 22, 2009
Go (other) Rams!
Yes. Before last year, URI went to 3 straight dances, they beat us 6 out the last 7. They probably have the most talent along us and dayton in the conference....and they schedule really tough P5 road OOC games like Maryland every year. Why cant we do that? It doesnt have to be home and home. Why not schedule buy in game to Maryland, Georgetown, Villanova or Carolina?

Sure a game like that costs money but the amount of mental toughness potentially gained by playing in the big dog's house pays.dividends in march.

We need to do this now that P5's have a 20 game schedule.
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Apr 21, 2009
And I seem to recall some posting that the A10 is horrible an we should leave asap. LOL.
I mean at this point we’ve beaten the teams we were supposed to beat minus the Bonnies. I wouldn’t be all excited about that yet.