2019 A10 Season Awards


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Apr 19, 2009
How can you have one of the top defensive teams in the country but no player good enough to make A10 All Defensive team? Seems we're the Rodney Dangerfield of the A10.

Someone make a POSTER to put up in the Locker Room.

Our players need to limit the other teams to 40 or less in EVERY game this weekend to show the conference what REAL defense is all about.


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Dec 30, 2011

Okay, so for the marquee picks I don't have any issues with them. In fact, I almost predicted them all correctly - only ones I missed on were DPOY and Most Improved.

I am okay with Kier as Most Improved (although my pick was Marcus Santos-Silva), but Javon Bess as DPOY makes absolutely no sense to me when this league has Osun Osunniyi (my pick, who pretty much single-handedly made St. Bonaventure relevant again and leads the league in blocks) or Marcus Evans (second best defensive rating in the league).

I don't even have a problem with the First Team picks, and I predicted them all correctly except Courtney Stockard (I had picked Cyril Langevine) and Obi Toppin (Charlie Brown).

But to have no one from VCU, one of the top defenses in the country and far and away the best defense in the league, on the All-Defensive Team is an absolute joke. It's even more of a joke that Jacob Gilyard, from the team with the worst adjusted defensive rating in the league (according to Sports-Reference) is on it. He should be nowhere near that list. He's a decent offensive player but he isn't even in Sports-Reference's top 10 under defensive rating (in fact, on that list #1, #2, #4, #5, and #7 are VCU players). [Never mind, I was not aware Gilyard was top 10 in the nation in steals.]
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Jan 17, 2010
Lets get by URI on Friday, send Kier packing on Saturday to start another off season of improvement, and then have Vann and Evans reintroduce themselves to JAG and Grady in the final.
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May 3, 2012
I understand that you can only choose 5 players for the DEFENSIVE TEAM. I understand that choosing (2) from one team is tough. But how in the world did we not have (1) single player from a TOP 5 Defense in the Nation?

Screw it, let's use it for motivation this weekend. I was a little worried about the Rhody / La Salle winner, but not anymore. We're gonna sweep the A10 in Brooklyn this weekend.