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Aug 17, 2018
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Jan 18, 2014

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Wahab is a physically gifted big man prospect with a lot of potential. He's long, bouncy, and very mobile for his size. He has a good natural frame and plenty of room to continue filling out. He runs the floor well and is a quick leaper as both a finisher and shot-blocker. He's already a diligent rim protector who is also able to patrol the paint from a wide-radius and has the feet to eventually be effective guarding ball-screens away from the basket as well. He's generally active around the rim and a solid rebounder who shows some occasional flashes of being able to start the break with a dribble or two. He's got some offensive touch to develop in the half-court and is bound to develop on that end because of the amount of emphasis he puts on it.

His offense is bound to develop but it isn't there yet. Right now he's playing through his mistakes and so often inefficient. While that is likely a necessary part of his development he can be slow and un-instinctual with his back to the basket and yet seems fixated on that almost outdated version of his position. He needs to continue to develop his individual tools, but within the team concept, and also work to develop in the pick-and-roll as much as he is in isolations. He wants to develop his face-up touch as well, but first needs to clean up his mechanics. His hands also need to continue to develop, both in terms of making quick catches as well as hanging on to balls in traffic.

Bottom Line:
He's a physically gifted big man with a high ceiling. His defense, particularly his ability to protect the rim, is ahead of his offense right now but he's a hard-worker with a proven learning curve who is a virtual lock to be a highest level prospect.