2020-21 Season Outlook


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Nov 2, 2013
Can yall PLEASE let your friends know to wear their freakin masks and keep these numbers down? Cancel high risk activities like beach outings and such? It's either have a weekend at virginia beach (where the numbers are ultra high and cause for Va's escalating numbers) or have a basketball season.

“When we made the extremely difficult decision to cancel last spring’s championships it was because there was simply no way to conduct them safely,” said NCAA President Mark Emmert. “This document lays out the advice of health care professionals as to how to resume college sports if we can achieve an environment where COVID-19 rates are manageable. Today, sadly, the data point in the wrong direction. If there is to be college sports in the fall, we need to get a much better handle on the pandemic.”



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May 3, 2012
So if I decide not to go to a game, will give them away or sell, how do I do it?
Not sure how they have it set up but you should be able to send it via text or email. You can print it and give them the ticket or call VCU to have it at will call. There will be many options.


Apr 20, 2009
Dear Rams Fan,

Thank you for your gift to VCU Athletics. This academic and athletic year caused an unprecedented experience for our student-athletes as we all navigated the challenges of the COVID-19 global pandemic. We continue to face more challenges as the next academic year approaches. Due to your support in these difficult times, we maintained the funding for student-athletes' scholarships and we continued essential services such as meal plans, housing and virtual tutors to support our student-athletes academically. We simply could not provide these services to our student-athletes without your support and for that I remain deeply grateful.

As we move closer to the 2020-21 academic and athletic year, I want to give an update on the men’s basketball reseating and seat selection process. Seat selections for the 2020-21 men’s basketball season will take place during the week of September 21-25, 2020. You will receive more details about your seat selection time and logistics in August. As a reminder, Capital Campaign members with lifetime seating rights will not take part in the seat selection process for seats with that designation. Capital Campaign members will receive a renewal for their tickets in August while those taking part in the seat selection will begin payments following their seat selection.

If guidance from the Commonwealth of Virginia requires VCU to move to a limited capacity model, seats selected during the reseating in September of 2020 will transfer over to your account for the 2021-22 season for renewal. Based on the arena capacity permitted by the Commonwealth, we will use Ram Ranking and Priority points to determine access to season tickets for the 2020-21 season.

In preparation for the upcoming season, VCU Athletics has worked closely with local and state leaders to ensure the safety of fans. I serve as an active member of the Governor’s office task force on returning normalcy to sports, tourism, and entertainment in the region. One new initiative for the 2020-21 season will be the implementation of mobile-only ticketing for season tickets, which will enable contactless entry. The shift to mobile-only ticketing will provide a safer environment for fans, as well as help guard against the production of fraudulent tickets. VCU Athletics will provide more detailed information regarding mobile-only ticketing prior to the e-delivery of your tickets.

Please continue to check your email about information regarding the upcoming fall, winter, and spring seasons. We will communicate information we know from the Governor's Office and the Atlantic 10 as quickly as possible. Thank you again for your continued support of VCU Athletics.

Go Rams!

Take Care,

Ed McLaughlin
Vice President and Director of Athletics
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Dec 30, 2011
A rather important part of the release:

The competitive schedules for winter sports (other than swimming and diving fall contests) will remain unchanged at this time. As a basketball-centric conference, the league acknowledged basketball contests begin in November, however determined it would be premature to make decisions on their competitive schedules at this date. Addressing the immediate return of fall sport student-athletes was the priority in working with every institution’s campus to assure a safe return to school with an opportunity to compete in the winter and spring sports as well as the postponed fall sports competitions.


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Jan 30, 2013
This is unlikely to happen and getting more unlikelier by the hour, but what if the NCAA holds its ground and insists that fall sports championships will proceed as scheduled? Does that force the conferences and schools that have already decided not to play fall sports in the fall to reverse course, do they still play in the spring or do they just not play at all this school year? And if they hold firm to a spring schedule, do they just not play for a national title, does the NCAA offer spring-season fall-sports titles or do they come up with a title on their own?


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Jan 30, 2012
VCU's release here:

While this sucks, this ultimately is the right thing to do during these unprecedented times and I hope the NCAA will follow suit and force the hand of all conferences soon, pushing all tournaments to late winter and spring. I know one thing that many conferences had been floating around has been ongoing covid testing of the athletes and staff, and while VCU has the ability to do this inhouse with the testing that VCU Health developed, it still costs money, and most schools don't have that kind of resource to mitigate costs which could make or break an athletic departments budget. I was just looking forward to some normalcy by being able to play with my bandmates again at these events, but for now I'll just have to continue annoying my neighborhood dogs whilst practicing the trombone.

Be safe, and Lets Go VCU!!!


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Dec 4, 2014

Just admit you were wrong like many other so-called "experts" were.
Regarding the 5-man senior class (2020).............all perimeter players.

Recruiting is just one aspect of overall "Roster Construction/Management" (which is actually more complex/nuanced than basic "nuts and bolts" recruiting). There are essentially four prongs:

1) Identifying/pursuing/prioritizing the appropriate (level) targets (i.e. size, athleticism, skill set, attitude, work ethic, IQ, etc)
2) Landing/signing some of those prioritized targets
3) Developing/maximizing performance outputs of those targets over a 1-4 yr period.
4) Retaining/releasing/reshuffling/re-assessing the personnel from year to year based on a myriad of factors (attitude, performance, other preferred options, class size/mix, general attrition, etc.).

At the time of his recruitment (Spring 2017), Simms at least "looked the part" based on Cowley JUCO videos, player testimony (JW), Richmond area ties, physical metrics, etc. Though potentially a D-1 soph (if signed) and added to an Evans/Jenkins/Vann/Crow quartet (a burgeoning Class of '20 - all perimeter players), he was still pursued. However, the initial and final product never really materialized (i.e. matched the intended vision). Nevertheless, the staff "chose" to keep him on board and complete his 3-yr run. They had (or could have had) other options, had they so chose. Of the folks they were considering/pursuing in the Spring of 2017, he "seemed to be" one of the better options (based only on his tape). However, no one outside the staff will ever know who we "didn't pursue/couldn't land" as a result. We already had Jenkins, Crow, Vann, and Evans as perimeter players in the Class of 2020. The staff knew Simms potentially made #5.

Keep in mind, in Spring 2017, VCU was the hottest non-P6 destination outside of Gonzaga, Wichita St, and Cincy (7 NCAAs in a row, 8 NCAA wins in the decade, sellout streak, Havoc, new practice facility, tons of TV exposure, at-large worthy schedule, 5 straight A-10 finals, etc).............a relatively easy sell for a well-connected, hustling staff.

As for Crowfield, in Spring 2017, no doubt he had a solid/sweet stroke, 3-ball (a valued commodity), and a nice attitude/team approach. The vision for him as a long distance sniper and/or 6th man sparkplug (think Mel Johnson/Troy Daniels) was appropriate at the time. However, it was evident by the end of Year 2 (Mar 2018) that his lack of confidence, aggression, scorer's mentality, and overall development was the limiting factor (LIMFAC). In the interest of the program and this young man, he should've been recruited over and recommended to transfer "down" to a Stetson, La Tech, UNO, etc in order to realize his full potential. However, the staff "chose" to let him ride for 4 years. His game never really developed and we stagnated offensively as result (3 consecutive yrs under Rhoades w/ a KP Off Efficiency Rank #139 or worse). Your upperclassmen need to carry the water, lead, and produce.........especially the perimeter kids (they're the ones w/ the ball most of the time and making most of the on-court decisions).

Also, remember, there are "opportunity costs" every year for every recruit you pursue, miss, sign, and/or retain. While VCU (a Top 50 program) is spending their valuable recruiting time fishing for guys like Keshawn Curry and retaining the unproductive Malik Crowfields of the world, Richmond is bringing aboard Blake Francis, St Bonny is bringing aboard Kyle Lofton, Dayton is grabbing Ibi Watson, Rhody is bringing aboard Tyrese Martin, and so on.

There are serious program ramifications for "Roster Construction/Mgmt" missteps.
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