2020-21 Season Outlook


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Jan 30, 2012
Actually, the best team in the Metro while VCU was a member was probably Tulane, coached by Perry Clark. Yes, historically Louisville is/was the best team VCU was ever in a conference with, but those Perry Clark Tulane teams were brutal. No other conference team in the history of VCU basketball has "owned" VCU like Tulane did. Tulane is 11-3 against VCU. At one point, VCU was 1-11 against Tulane, and a lot of those losses weren't even close games.
This is Tulane's mascot, right?
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Nov 2, 2013
Yeah! Definitely going to get that updated as soon as these dates are all finalized :)
Thank you, I am still subscribed, and I'd visited my google calendar and seen colts dates but no ram dates yet, can't wait to see some of those popping up!