2020-21 Season Outlook

Half-baked Mcbride

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Apr 19, 2009
They called medley-bacon a senior....decent read though

Yea, very solid article...loved the deep-cut mention of Tyler Maye.
I think these Rams will be demonstrably better at the end of the season, a Top 5 finish in the A10 is possible provided health and chemistry are in good form. Mainly, I'm looking forward to getting last year's bad taste out of our collective mouths. I'm not going to continue to belabor the point and beat a dead horse.....but last year's iteration of VCU basketball was both an embarrassment and damaging to the VCU 'brand".

Those a10 forums are a ghost town, outside of the Bonnies page....too bad

Go Rams!!!


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May 1, 2009
Crowfield only logged 10.1 mpg his freshman year. He logged his most mpg in 2017-18 (24 mpg) and most of those minutes came at the point. As I recall, he also logged a good number of minutes at the point in 2018-19 because P.J. Byrd was in over his head. His senior year, he logged 16.0 mpg, but most were behind other seniors (as I mentioned in my post) that couldn't hit water if they fell out of a boat. Specifically Vann.

So how is my statement not even remotely true.
You said he played out of position "just about all of his career", which is demonstrably false.
Apr 20, 2009
Uh, Josh Banks can really, really shoot.

We didn’t really see too much, but we definitely have a lot of raw talent. If we can hone that talent even just a little, I think we’ll have a good season.
Banks can do more than shoot but yes he is a good shooter. Next to Bones probably the most well rounded player we have. Can finish with either hand. Can rebound pretty well. Handles the ball well. Good court vision. I think he is a better version of Jenkins. Has the ability to take over a game. Besides Bones and maybe Ace, not sure anyone else we have can do that.