Recruiting 2020 Offers

N Mollen

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Jun 5, 2012
Very Interesting...couple questions:
1. Did Eddie post that somewhere and Wheeler grab it and repost it as his own?
2. Did Eddie make it and send it specifically to Wheeler so he could post it?
3. Is this really going to happen?
4. Oh my goodness?
All speculation. I doubt very seriously Eddie would have done it (a) without a request and (b) without approval from the AD. But this may well be like those many "imagine if" things we see these days. No telling whether it means anything, except it can't be bad news.

Half-baked Mcbride

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Apr 19, 2009
I will text him to see what's up. ;)
Sooooooooooooo??? Any juicy nuggets of info??
If Roosevelt Wheeler chooses to star in the 804 and suit up for the Rams???
Gosh golly gee, my head might explode