2020 transfer news/targets


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Apr 22, 2009
So I read here that GT take a year to get used to the new system ...so why does anybody take them?
it's a good move for a mature team which is returning most of its roster with the prospect of post season success. (see michael gilmore). A GT may be a missing piece that makes the post season possible.

It doesn't really make any sense in our case. We've lost 5 seniors; With the exception of MSS and Bones, everyone else is going to playing expanded roles or new positions. Our remaining roster needs all the playing time to develop individually and together as a team. A GT big would only take away much needed develomental minutes MBJ and a Hason Ward.

If we are using the 5th schollie on a transfer then let it be someone who can help us long term and develop with the rest of the team.