2020 transfer news/targets


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Jan 22, 2010
hahaha we don't need a wing??? we need everything we can get right now. this team will have some talent but it's mostly young and raw and going to be totally inconsistent. I'd say right now if we are trying to actually win right now we need improved shooting from every position. Bones is the only guy proven to score and shoot well from outside.


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Dec 4, 2014
Mike has some serious/tough roster management decisions to make over the next 30-60 days prior to summer school (if it even happens).

This roster needs more of everything — size, quickness, athleticism, muscle, skill, grit, toughness, talent, experience, shooting, etc.

10 of the current 12 returnees/signees (right now) are largely (or totally) unproven (or marginally productive to date)........a circumstance that VCU basketball has not really experienced in nearly two decades, especially in the A-10 era.

That said, at this stage, he’ll probably stand pat with all incoming frosh and rising sophs (if they’re onboard). They, collectively, likely represent most of our future and P6-level upside (if it exists). However, all rising juniors/seniors (minus MSS), along with the last open scholly, “should” be open to scrutiny, analysis, and potential roster upgrades (4 roster spots).