Recruiting 2021 Offers


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Nov 2, 2013
Coaches for the Cure event to benefit VCU’s Massey Cancer Center at AA center, 830pm, in Rva, tix 10 bucks yall @RooseveltWheel8 (#LetsGoVCU) getting ready to unleash, head on up there and check it! Great piece on him today :
Crazy good game last night. I don't doubt Coleman's (committed, Duke) abilities one bit I have seen him play too many times to doubt him, but last night's action was too intense for him to get out and dominate enough to push Trinity to a win, though his stats were great. Trinity came out for a big lead in the beginning but JMarshall filled in that blank by halftime, and still rolled into the 3rd and 4th quarters to come out of it with a really good win despite a great effort by Trinity to close out the game with a win, it just did not happen. Ram fan Burke Smith (committed, Boise State) had himself a good game.
Glad to get a gander at "Roes" last night. INTENSE defensive player who rebounds well and has an innate ability to score on the glass. He didn't flex it during the game but he has a good 3 point game, but did show he has a nice jumpshot. Coach Byers was there supporting him (and RW's mom), and I saw a few other coaches I assume but not sure who they were nor who they were there for... both Trinity and Marshall have lots of talent to scope. A young player the game announcer was calling "skywalker" Dana Woodley (JMarshall) was doing real well. .
2020 James Nelson (trinity), has got good game. 2023 Dennis Parker Jr. is beyond special, tenacious, he's got a bright future ahead of him . Also really like 2022 Maliq Brown from Blue Ridge (saw him the game before it):
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Apr 21, 2009
When are we going to get one of these top 50 local kids to stay home at VCU?
Best Guess, Not before the 2022 class or longer, several things have to happen first. Consecutive sweet sixteens combined with a move to a P6 would go along in that happening. Someone like Justin Taylor up in Charlottesville who is a top 60 player but could move up, Richmond, GWW and UVA among others are pursuing so would need to get in the mix soon. Not local but someone like Chauncey Wiggins out of Tre Clark's home town could fall into play if the stars align. Granted, he is getting a lot of SEC and Big 12 love already so it would take a minor miracle


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Apr 22, 2009

philly most intriguing prospect

Poplar, a 6-4 junior swingman, is averaging 19.7 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 3.1 assists for Math, Civics, and Sciences, a team to watch in the Philadelphia Public League playoffs as well as the PIAA Class 2A state tournament.
Rangy and athletic, with the ability to score from distance and finish at the rim, Poplar has offers from local schools such as Temple, St. Joseph’s, La Salle, and Drexel as well as distant programs such as Virginia Tech and Cal-State Bakersfield.