Recruiting 2021 Offers


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May 3, 2012


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Dec 4, 2013
OK, Wooga sounds like go get him to me. 19.9 now and just started playing last year, a ton of up side.

Violet Ram

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Jan 29, 2015
I must be in a funk because I have not heard of him.
Don't fret; it's probably because he's too high-caliber to ever go to an A10 school, especially GW. See:

1) Almost certainly headed to P5 - likely a Cade Cunningham replacement at Okie.
2) Would love to hear the rationale for/backstory of targeting this kid with underclassmen Ace, Tre, and Bones in the mix already. I’m sure the Baldwin, Clark, and Hyland families would too. Something’s up......especially if he surprisingly commits.
3) GW has arguably the worst facility in the A-10 and perhaps in the country. A total embarrassment. Bernadette clearly has no conference standards for facilities, scheduling, hoop investment, etc. Just collecting her annual salary, a la Yeager (CAA), as she rides out the final stages of her career.