Recruiting 2021 Offers

N Mollen

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Jun 5, 2012
Based on his list I found?? VCU is the "oddball" school comparatively speaking. But hey, the way 2020 is going? Who the heck knows anymore...:lol:

24/7 crystal ball has a heavy lean towards Memphis
Memphis just took a commitment from Nesbitt (sending St Louis fans into a tailspin), and VC says they are now two players OVER the limit for 21. Not sure they would go three, but let's just say Penny's attention to the detail of NCAA rules has not previously been punctilious.


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Aug 4, 2017
In his top 6 and 247 doesn't even have us listed as having offered.
That site is pretty sketchy about who is involved but it does a good job of doing composite rankings. I think the authors, much like the rest of us, rely on social medial leads for the non-top 100 or so guys