Recruiting 2021 Offers


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Aug 4, 2017
Jayden Nunn.

How many spots we got left...Nunn


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Jan 23, 2011
If the Nunn .kids commits today, it shows me that Coach Rhoades can recruit across the country versus the east coast. Lastly, as we continue to win and hopefully start moving deeper into the NCAA tournament, the VCU brand will start being mentioned like Gonzaga.
That’s the dream. From a team that had to win the CAA tourney to get in. To a team that is expected to make the NCAA Tourney every year. To a team that does real damage is a consistent threat to go far in the tourney every year. We were on the cusp of reaching that level when Shaka left. And now it feels like we’re back to that possible position again. Let’s gooooo!