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Apr 19, 2009
I was surprised we didn't have a thread yet on the entire class, but that might be owing to the separate Recruiting subforum.

Anyway, all of our HS recruits are climbing (have climbed) the rankings, for whatever they are worth.

Great job by Mike and Co. securing two(2) top 150 prospects including a top 20 (position) PG. Bossi(247sports) is also on the record as saying Nick is easily one of the biggest steals in the class. Basically unlimited upside. If he perfects his long game - look-out. I am real excited about Jayden because of his position. We went from vulnerability when Tre exited the program to a position of strength for years to come. Nice to see him at #136 on 247sports and #82 on Hoopseen. We got a good one. The amazing thing is that there are those that think Jalen Deloach has as much or more upside as anyone. He has the potential to be a special player.

This class once again confirms that Mike is very adept at finding players that are both extremely versatile and are in the process of blowing-up. It also once again confirms that the man absolutely loves guys that are long.

The more I look at this overall class including the transfers the more I love it. Exciting times for VCU Basketball.


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Dec 4, 2013
Ace Baldwin was 249 in 2020, Jamie Watkins was 193. Coach Rhoades and coaching staff finds the under rated and under appreciated players after 150, who turn out to be ballers.
I don't understand those guys' rankings either. Maybe you just had to watch these guys play to understand how good they were. Watching Ace play whole games several times you understood how the game was very different because he was on the court. Jamir was absolutely killing it against very good competition in NJ and his best games were in the playoffs where you are playing the better teams. 6'7" nice body, athletic, three level scorer... everything about him said top 100 except that's not where he was ranked. Who knows the reasons for both of them.
Deloach is 6'8" of 9" and has guard skills and great athleticism. Enough said. How is he 200 something? I can't figure it out. In any case I'm really glad we have these guys. Our future looks bright right now. Of course we'll see how the new guys look after actually playing some DI ball, but Jamir and Ace have already proved themselves.


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Mar 21, 2017
I just love how our recruiting classes are full of firepower, I feel like in many years past we would have been happy to have just have one or two of these guys and the rest be lottery ticket type recruits but now the recruiting is getting to the status of all killer no filler year in and year out.

I really hope Coach can stick around a very long time because I am loving his vision for this team.

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Dec 16, 2013
rating HS players is easy-peasy for the top 25 to 50 - after that range it is often difficult to project how a player will ultimately develop - lot's of it is on the personal drive of the player, their discipline , willingness to work to get better etc (talents not always evident from watching a 14-18 year old in a HS or AAU game)
Recruiters that are able to get answers to those type of questions are better able to project the fit of those prospects that are 50-250 in the so-called rankings (having a network of HS and AAU coaches they can trust to learn more about a prospect beyond the points. rebounds etc is essential)
MR style of play is appealing to lots of young men so that also helps open recruits eyes too
I agree with many of you here that this class of recruits and transfers is the most promising yet (my only observation is that having so many will ultimately lead to a few leaving over the next 2-4 years but that is the NEW normal)
Jan 17, 2010
I generally look to see what offers they had. Yes, sometimes they might not have been committable but always better when we emerge from a group of P6 schools. These guys are no exception, had options, chose us.
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