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Dec 4, 2013
have been commenting on other tweets about him, just followed him. I'll also be at St. Frances games this season. If it is really looking like we have a great chance with him, maybe we can have a VCU section at some of his games.

Violet Ram

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Jan 29, 2015

Practicing against Byron Ireland (Maine), Khyrie Staten (Delaware State), Elijah Davis (Mississippi Valley State), Tevin Curtis or even bigs like Juju Reese (Maryland) and Derik Queen (2024), I just feel like no one in the country had to go up against guys like that every single day. It made it easy for me. Even having to guard Ace Baldwin (VCU) sometimes, it just made it easy for me. I knew in order to get on the floor I had to play defense. Now AAU is so much easier to stay in front of guys and it’s helped my anticipation. Also my flexibility. I’ve been working out more and last summer I worked on my mobility a lot. I was a lot stiffer, so I focused on my hips and that helped,” Lamothe claimed.

Lamothe is referencing Ace in every article and video interview about him and the entire staff is calling him on a daily basis. They visit SFA just to see him all the time!!

He would be highest ranked recruit to wear a vcu uniform since Kendrick.

And yet no one around one gives him love twitter ever..

But we fawning over Bacot and Coleman..2 guys
who were never going to come here to begin with.

Cmon ppl lamothe love on twitter!!!
Sorry, I would, but I'm still working through all the 2021 recruits Brent Scott is following that you said I should follow/blowup on SM. I should be done with the list sometime next year, then I can move on to your imminent 2022 list. Should get to 2023 recruits by 2024.


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Apr 22, 2009
@Violet Ram the below maryland insider article on Lamothe.

Its a prretty good indication that the fan base as well as the coaching staff needs to be on this guy every day showinfg social media love every chance we get BEFORE he blows up even more this summer

The staff has done their part between visiting SFA and via Ace

Let's show him the same level of love that we showed Larrier, Mack, Bones and Bacot every chance we get.

Lets do this before the Terps get involved!

Every spring we see local prospects begin to rise above the rest by utilizing the AAU stage. And 2023 St. Frances Academy/Team Durant combo guard Jahnathan Lamothe fits that bill. The 6-foot-4 Baltimore native currently comes in at No. 36 nationally in the 247Sports 2024 rankings and the No. 5 combo guard in the country.

“Coach Bino reached out to me a few weeks back,” Lamothe told IMS. “He was just talking to me about how Maryland usually waits a bit to offer, but they want it to be special. Just how I’m a hometown kid and I’ve known Bino since I was seven years old. I went to all the camps, so we always had a bond. He just told me that he wants me there playing as the hometown kid.”

6-foot-4, Lamothe continues to improve his body and become quicker and stronger. But he’s already equipped with a deadly long-range jumper that he can extend well beyond the high school three-point line. He’s an underrated playmaker and facilitator with the ball and is a pest on the defensive end in the passing lanes. Maryland was involved with a former St. Frances standout Ace Baldwin, who just finished his freshman season at VCU having a standout season averaging 6.7 points, 4.4 assists and 3.2 rebounds in 29.9 minutes per game as the starter.

It would definitely be special being able to play here,” Lamothe said. “This is my hometown and I’ve played here my entire life. I’ve seen a lot and been to a lot of games there and the atmosphere is always crazy. Me and Bino have always had that bond since I’ve known him since elementary school. I haven’t talked to Coach Turgeon yet, but I always watch them and it’d be nice to stay home. Ultimately though I’m going to go wherever I feel most wanted."

Putting an offer on the table for Lamothe should be done sooner rather than later. In the last two weeks of April alone, he picked up offers from Creighton and TCU thanks to his performance at Hoop Group’s Pitt Jam Fest. Lamothe also had a strong showing at the Kansas City Classic, so more offers are likely to follow. Lamothe’s list of offers include Georgetown, DePaul, Mississippi State, Pittsburgh, VCU, Seton Hall, Rutgers and Virginia Tech among others.

Lamothe has his fair share of offers already but getting on the radar with the Terps is something that gets him excited.

Many felt that Baldwin should’ve been wearing a Maryland jersey this season and had they not have waited so long to get involved, it would’ve been a safe bet that Baldwin would’ve committed. Lamothe is likely to stay in the top 40 of his class as time progresses. Although Ranson has had a relationship with Lamothe since he was a child, extending an offer and making it official means more to prospects, especially ones from the Maryland and D.C. area. If Maryland wants to start keeping the talent at home, getting involved early and staying consistent will be key. Lamothe is the sort of prospect that should be prioritized.
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Jun 5, 2012

VCU (June 25)-“I’ve had a relationship with them for a while now since they were coming to the gym for Ace Baldwin. It’s been a growing relationship with them from the start, so they’ve done a good job.”

This is by far the most crucial visit since Mack!

Lets bring our social media A game on the June 25th!!
He's a big deal. We have a shot. Would be a HOME RUN


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Dec 30, 2011
He's a big deal. We have a shot. Would be a HOME RUN
I thought his visit was on the 23rd. Oh well, I’m excited, hopefully we leave a lasting impression. If we landed him it would probably be the biggest commitment for us in quite a while.
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Jul 14, 2015
Yeah, the first tweet(on this page) talking about his visit said the 23rd, but the 25th makes more sense with it being a Friday opposed to a Wednesday. Super stoked, along with all the other visit we have lined up!
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