21-22 Opponent Tracking Thread

Jan 16, 2020
Since the contact period began last night, George Washington has has reached out to 177 prospects in the class of 2023. Busy night for
and his staff.

VCURN recruiting thread hot take:

"Christian won't even sign 10% of those guys! He's a complete failure!"

He's already landed Joe Bamisile from Monacan by way of VPI .... Joe is about as talented a 6-4'ish player as I've seen come through Richmond area in decades .... maybe second to Paul Pressey.
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Dec 4, 2013
Wasn't it Dan Issel grinding Julius Erving to a halt in the Colonels games against Dr's. Squires?
I don't remember that, but if he did it was probably because he grabbed him around the waste the first minute of the game and never let go of him. No way Dan Issel could keep up with him. They also didn't play the same position either.

N Mollen

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Jun 5, 2012

Good for Gilyard.

Of course all Ramnation can think is "Bri would have blown that record out of the water if his knee had held up, in four years".
this is total bvllsh!t from O'Connor, as we've come to expect. Good for Gilyard in that he isn't focused on this because it isn't actually the record. You don't play 5 full years and then claim to be the record-holder over those who played 4. Absolute crap. Also not even a mention of Bri in the article.