23-24 Opponent Tracking Thread

This was my first car. I bought it in 1986 for $2000 ... mostly my money. Good God I loved that car.

Family cars to which I was sentenced: (a) 72 Vega; (b) 74 Pinto; (c) 75 Pinto wagon; 74 AMC Ambassador;

Hellish nightmare I was given as a grad present: 81 Citation

Odds of surviving that succession of vehicles: nearly beyond calculation

Righteous transportation purchased w/my own $$ in my youth: (a) 1972 Dart; (b) 1968 Valiant; (c) 1970 Barracuda fastback
68 nova super sport ..could chirp the tires in all 4 gears
On graduation night, I borrowed my dad's cherished mint condition pinto station wagon ( :lol: ) to drive to some huge party way out off Old Gun Road, a Jim Beam Half Gallon in each of our hands, 2 liter of Pepsi in the others. My buddy passed out in the passenger seat floorboard, I passed out in the back, we both puked in that car at least twice each. The next day, an unusually hot one at the beginning of a to-be HOT steamy week, I drove it home, we locked the doors and hurriedly headed off to our beach week reservations. 4 days later he went out to move the car for street cleaning. The putrid smell hit him like a brick wall.

He called the motel room minutes later screaming at me.