A Tribute to a fallen rams fan, Betty Caylor


Apr 19, 2009
On June 24, Betty Caylor, a devoted rams fan passed from this veil of tears to life everlasting with her Savior.

About the time we went on our final four run Betty discovered the rams, and it was during this time she was suffering from breast cancer, I believe. The story of our run and the excitement of the games was a wonderful distraction to her. And from then on she was a devoted fan. She made every home game she could. Recently, toward the end, as she was in the final stages of kidney cancer, our congregation held a COVID parade in front of her house, and the parade was led by Rodney Ram. Betty was my contemporary in age so her passing is a bit more painful than some for me. But the hope we share in the effectiveness of the blood of our Savior does indeed pass all human understanding. God's peace to you all!