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Feb 12, 2009
It’s early, but freshman Ace Baldwin has had an EXTREMELY impressive “true point guard” opening to his college career with a 44% assist rate in this week’s stacked Crossover Classic tournament. Yes, this is only a three-game sample, so don’t go hanging jerseys yet, but, if you want to know how truly good that is, it’s a better rate than the best assist season from all of Eric Maynor, Joey Rodriguez, JeQuan Lewis, Darius Theus and Briante Weber, just to name a few impressive VCU point guards Ram fans may remember.
So on that note, I was curious to see who Baldwin was finding on these assists, who was on the receiving end of the Baldwin passes that played a role in helping VCU move to a perhaps surprising 2-1 start with such a new roster this 2020-21 season.
v Utah State (7 assists)
Bones 3
Jamir 3
Levi layup
Bones 3
Hason “jumper”
Vince 3
Bones layup
v West Virginia (6 assists)
Bones layup
KeShawn layup
Corey layup
Corey dunk
Bones layup
Corey layup
v Memphis (6...

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