Ace Baldwin commits to vcu!


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Nov 2, 2013
I'm happy his pops got the chance to see Ace and his family has been embraced by a very supportive fanbase which is capable of working as family to extend their own. He's going through some tough stuff right now, if encountering his posts online I encourage you to reach out via a reply, in an appropriate way, and offer them both our love.

N Mollen

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Jun 5, 2012


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Jan 19, 2010
Personally, I wish all the young men in the program reach their full potential regardless of circumstance. For these guys(Ace and Bones,) you just hope they can maintain a level of maturity that their situations require and that all things outside of basketball line up for them.

Its on the Program (to include the fans) and its on the young men as well. Looking back over the years since Shaka's era it seems as if a pretty good job has been done. There's been a bump or two in the road but all in all VCU does a good job helping their young athletes develop into productive adults.

Here's to the success for all.
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