Ace Baldwin commits to vcu!


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Jan 19, 2010
No, he's 2 inches short of being the best one I've seen play in high school. I'd still rate Kendrick as the best high school player I've seen. Ace is listed at 6'0", that is generous. His size is the only drawback. If he's 6'2", he is a much, much higher rated player. Much of what I love in Ace is intangible. Guy is a leader, has basketball savvy that is way beyond his years, and never quits, never takes a play off. Sitting in the stands at St. Frances games (a pleasure BTW, really nice folks), when the game got tight, "Ace time." everyone started saying. Sure enough two minutes later he had made 3 or 4 big plays and changed the whole complexion of the game. Once watched a game in Louisville with 4 future L-ville players on the court, three would be ranked top 20 in the country their senior years, Street and Smith (no 247 back then), and the other was a freshman 6'10 kid named Felton Spencer. I know this is a different era, but Ace is as good as any of them.
And may I add, his impact on a game is greater than any of them. Part of that comes from being a point guard though.
Four guys were Herbert Crook and Felton Spencer for Eastern HS, and Tony Kimbrough and a 6'4" guard/wing whose name I am not recalling now, I think they were playing for Shawnee HS. This was before the days of Oak Hill, IMG, and other basketball factory kind of private schools that pretty much recruit nation, ever worlld, wide. Seeing that much talent on one high school basketball court at one time back then was pretty cool.
Tony Kimbrough that name is a biast from the past.


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Feb 9, 2010
Reminds me of the comment Zak Prescot made about pressure in the NFL. (paraphrasing here) I played in front of Alabama fans in the SEC.... now that's pressure !!
Dak, short for Dakota.
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Mar 27, 2009
I'm just curious how much he knows about all the historic point guards that have laced up for VCU. Fantastic play as a freshman. Almost Joey like.