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Apr 19, 2009
I thought this would be a different kind of band how The Who were more influential to rock-n-roll than both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Because they are!!!

as for the Peppas? It is what it is and it was what it was.....Let's not revise history. Ryan got too big for his britches and used social media to further his (personal) cause at the expense of VCU's reputation/image. VCU responding by immediately phasing him out and pivoting to a more professional and degreed band leader.

Ancient history

The current Peppa's are really good.
There are too many sh*tty promotions that kill energy (except at the end of games)
The national media is totally fickle and has bigger fish to fry than our band's "rep"....ESPN/CBS know VCU is famous for having a really good band. And that's more than most schools can claim.
What the casual fan thinks is beyond irrelevant as more than a few VCU barely think about the band.
I was at the Rhody game and their band was embarrassingly bad.....which is a step down from the standard issue "meh" I get from hearing most bands.

fun fact....The Rolling Stones had a vanity project called Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus back in the 60's. The WHO KILLED it with this tune and the Stones, not wanting to appear "showed up" sat on the footage for decades before releasing it to the public 30-something years later. Which is a shame 'cause the John Lennon/Yoko thing was HILARIOUS (and a little sad)



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Dec 30, 2011
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Short answer....The prior was good for us then and the current is good for us now

Any perceived problems with the band are not the band's fault nor are they the band director's fault. There are way too many timeout promotions that just suck the energy right out of the building when they happen. The band is doing the thing they're best at, and they're doing a good job of doing the thing they're best at.

This whole discussion is honestly a distraction, and it happens literally every time the team has some sort of slump. It's honestly overdue this season, and it's getting really old.

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Nov 5, 2009
Overall I think the band is still pretty good.

My only "complaint" is sometimes the timing of songs & what not.

1st thing is, I think we should always do the "this is our house..." chant when the opposing team is running out on to the floor.

Otherwise, I think we just gotta better time the key songs that get everyone into the game War Song, Hey song... etc. Don't do them when we're forced to call a timeout cause the opponent went on a run.

I think the biggest difference is.... Ryan did the War Song, Hey song... etc. pretty much impromptu. Whenever he felt the time was right because we went on a big run & forced the opponent to call a timeout.... etc. Where as with the current guy, I think they just do a set ordered list & roll with it, no matter the timing or scenario in the game.
This. The band is still good (especially given some of the dreadful competition in the A10...bands are the one thing that we didn't upgrade when we left the CAA). Occasionally I feel like it's not quite as energized as the past, but it's possible that's more to do with "freshness" than anything else. Maybe there weren't audibles made before but I do think timing has been more of an issue the past few years (which I think has in a lot of ways led to the relative death of Rock'n'Roll Part 2). Not sure that it's anyone's fault per se, just a nitpick.


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Mar 21, 2017
James Brown aint walking through that door! Cab Calloway aint walking through that door! George Clinton aint walking through that door!
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Feb 14, 2011
The people saying they don't are about the band make me laugh. If we didn't have a band or a dance team and just had a few cheerleaders you'd complain that there is no energy for the games.
The one thing that sets college sports atmosphere apart from many other sports is the band, dance team, cheer squad. Aside from the bad promotions and the occasional bad song selection timing my only criticism is the Peppas have gotten a little "sloppy" musically in recent years. They have multiple drummers, all with a noticeably different style. Keep it simple, avoid the "street drumming" and the entire bands "crispness" will improve. The "One Band, One Sound" Just my two cents.
Feb 14, 2011
Is it just me or does almost every single person picked out of the crowd to shoot look like they have never touched a basketball?
My son (now in college) used to sign up but never got selected. He would likely make a lay up and FT on the first attempt. Likely make the 3 in two attempts and will at least hit the rim from half court. I'm pretty sure they don't select someone that's 6-4, looks like a player (he is) for these skill type contests.

So I'm old but "back in the day" most kids spent quite a bit of time outside playing some type of game. Most every teen played a little ball, could bounce it and make some bunny shots, could throw a baseball or football. It seems to me many of these contestants really have never played with a ball.


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Mar 13, 2011
I loved the rebellious Peppas during Ryan’s tenure but the current band is also great. Wish there was more Peppas during strategic parts of the game and less silly bank shots etc.
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