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Dec 2, 2012

According to this, the new Richmond baseball field will NOT be part of the VCU athletic village, because VCU could not get every facility in to the AV they wanted along with the new baseball field.

"Mark Olinger, the city’s director of planning and development review, said recent discussions made clear that the athletics village would not be able to accommodate a baseball stadium.
Olinger, who has been leading the Richmond 300 effort, said VCU’s plans for the complex, which would include indoor and outdoor tennis courts and other sports facilities, “became very difficult for the ball diamond to fit into and make all of the other items work.” In light of that, the plan now envisions the new stadium to be built among mixed-use development on the west side of Hermitage."

Left unanswered, as far as I could tell, was if VCU was still going to buld the stadium and lease it out to the Flying Squirells.
Unclear if there will be a Flying Squirrels next year


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May 3, 2012
Unclear if there will be a Flying Squirrels next year
You bumped a June article and I thought this had been discussed. To be succinct VCU and the Squirrels are in good shape. The developers, city and VCU have been proceeding with the stadium being on the acreage on the east side of the Boulevard. This will give VCU extra acreage (I think 12 acres) to proceed with a real nice Athletic Village and a new stadium across the road with most likely some mixed use amenities. Deeds need to be signed but they are progressing and there is not a problem with future plans for VCU and the Squirrels.
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May 22, 2019
Well, the VCU Make It Real Campaign, per the Sunday Richmond Times Dispatch thank you from VCU, has concluded. The goal was to raise $750 million, and over $841 million was raised. Those of us who gave money to the campaign were told there would be campaign money that goes to athletics. Based on what was raised there should be plenty money for the planned VCU athletic sports complex planned near the diamond. There should be no money excuses.
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