Benny Dees

Apr 20, 2009
Laid the foundation for our program's success.
During spring, 1970, Dees and his assistant, Vann Bracken, signed Bernard Harris, Jesse Dark, Greg McDougald, Dave Edwards, Howie Robertson and Reggie Cain - almost surely the best recruiting class in program annals. All but McDougald (who transferred to Oral Roberts and was drafted by Milwaukee) put in four standout seasons, setting the winning tone for decades to come.

Then, shockingly, both Dees and Bracken left the summer of '70 ...

So what happens? Coach Noe comes in and "re-recuits" all of them, even though VCU was NAIA independent at the time.

Looking back, what Dees did ... and then what Noe re-did ... is nothing short of remarkable.

This is true, especially in light of how black 'n' gold recruits have bolted following coaching changes in downtown Richmond.
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Apr 20, 2009
Then, shockingly, both Dees and Bracken left the summer of '70 ...
I believe the next stop was New Orleans, then Wyoming (his alma mater - also played baseball there) and then Western Carolina. Even with the talent you reference, it must have been frustrating in those days to labor with virtual zero resources.