Big Summer Fan Contest


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Apr 19, 2009
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  • The above are pictures from a Rams team circa nunya business. This is a contest to name each player. The person(s) to name the most players will win big prizes.
  • First Prize, a week at @VRam's house in South Florida. Tennis on his private court every day.
  • Second Prize, a full day of Gulfstream fishing aboard @Cossack's 52 foot Sport Fishing boat. Mate included with unlimited bar and lunch aboard.
  • Third Prize, a ride home on the back of @BradRamFan's motorcycle.
  • All ties will be settled by the gentleman's art, Marquess of Queensberry rules apply.
The fine print: all contestants will automatically be disqualified upon entering. VRam and Cossack will not be contractually bound to honor winning prizes.
The contestant to name all the players correctly will be held in high esteem by those long familiar with men's basketball at VCU.
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Apr 16, 2017
Hate to burst anyone's bubble but "Bob" (me) is not "bighorn", "bigghorn" or even "big foot"... Might of fact (and I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings) but I never heard of this joint until the night that VCU hired Mike Rhoades as their new coach and was Googling around to get the skinny on him... BTW, "bighorn" aside, I have been a fan since I attended what was then RPI freshman in 1965 and used to go watch the team when only a couple hundred students would show when they played in the old Franklin Street gym... So whoever this "bighorn" feller is I doubt if he could trace his history back that far as a Ram's fan... Oh, and I can prove that I go back that far... I'm so old that I am a resource for the archives department at the school library and the guy in charge of that department routinely emails me about stuff that happened way back then because it seems that he doesn't know anyone at the school that goes back that far??? Makes ya' feel old when you predate everyone who is now at VCU... But hey, me and my band can still kick it for a good hour without oxygen... ;~)

Now carry on...

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