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Feb 9, 2009
It’s finally that time of year! On Saturday evening, VCU will open the doors to the Siegel Center allowing VCU fans a chance to get a brief glimpse of the 2019-2020 roster in action. We all have certain things we’ll be looking for in the intra-squad scrimmage, but I thought I’d reach out to some experts to see what they will be looking for in this game. I reached out to some of the most knowledgable resources on VCU basketball: Michael Litos, our own Mat Shelton-Eide, and VCU senior guard De’Riante Jenkins (from a recent interview we conducted with him). Below are their thoughts on what to look for in Saturday’s matchup.

Michael Litos
I’ll be honest. The more I think about your question, the less I realize what I’m truly “looking for.” This is about seeing the guys play basketball again. It matters mostly because the Back-and-Gold game is a tangible step to the season. It makes it more real so I guess I’m looking for the first signs of that in-season feeling. It isn’t about stats...
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