Black & Gold Game


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Dec 4, 2013
You came late into this conversation. @rollins77 said there are many ways to win basketball games using the Final Four teams its -4.1 rpg average as an example.

The fact is you can't win on a consistent basis without controlling the boards.

If you want to use final four team as an example then dont ignore the fsu sweet 16 game. We got destroyed on the boards on both ends and only won by 1 point in the last second. The ONLY REASON we won that game is that FSU team, which was 3 1/2 inches taller than VCU at every position, missed a sh!t load of dunks, layups and put backs (36.5 %). That's an anomaly.

The two teams played the same game 2 years later in Puerto Rico with a better shooting FSU again destroying VCU on the boards. FSU blew VCU's doors off.
No, controlling the boards is one way to win. Yes you have to be competitive on the boards, but you don’t have to control them. Win shooting percentage, turnovers, foul shooting and lose the boards but not badly, you win most of the time.