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Dec 22, 2009
Baja was such a fun place for years to not only watch VCU games, but also for outdoor drinking when the weather was nice. Jefe always worked his butt off on VCU game days and I will credit him for that.

Obviously the restaurant business will ALWAYS have turnover, but IMO another reason why Baja is closing is the fact that so many more restaurants, bars, and breweries have outdoor seating now. Baja had it before it was cool, but that is the new trend in the industry.

Anyways... I like Curbside Cafe for game days, especially on week nights. Happy hour until 9pm and they are big VCU fans.
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Dec 1, 2016
I also watch at home. I tend to miss things with all of the noise at a sports bar. I like City Beach because they have various areas with couches and big screens so it is not too crowded.
UR/VCU game the season before last was awesome at City Beach. I think it’s the spot.
Dec 2, 2012
I have heard Curbside, City Beach, City Dogs, and Home Team Grill as suggestions to take over as the VCU spot.
Also The Local.
The Village Cafe, in my opinion, is disqualified , its more like the official pre game spot.
Are there any sports bars still around?
Fox and Hound and Al's closed,.
Carolina Ale House is also gone.
I don't count Hooter's as a sports bar.
Honestly, that place creeps me out a little bit with the enforced "sexiness".
Also I don't think any BWW can count because it's a corporate place, not local to Richmond, not that I don't appreciate the sponsoring of the coaches show.
Does anyone have any feeling for Pops Bar and grill one way or the other?
TMiller--Nope that place is too corporate.
El Gato Sports Bar and Grille---Not exactly a hoops crowd.
Am i missing any?


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Jun 17, 2012
Went to Home Team Grill one time when a game was on. Way too many people there. On the other hand, went there one time when no game on -- got the best shrimp & grits ever to go in my mouth!


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Aug 2, 2014
I tend to stay away from bars for the most part when watching games. I like Jefe so I supported him from time to time. I usually go a good friend's house to watch away games. They usually travel to big away games but when they are in town I go there. They have a great home theater and some former players usually swing by to watch.
Sounds great. Does your friend like old Russians that will bring vodka for everyone? I have more stories and lies to tell like the story that LBJ drank in the White House Carpenter shop when Lady Bird cut his drinking off. My friends said he was a heck of a drinker. My kind of guy that could lie better than me.


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Apr 19, 2009
My grandad was an employee of the C&O RR and having a free pass to go wherever and whenever he wanted on the C&O, would come with my grandmother to visit us in Florida often. My grandmother forbid him from drinking on the train yet he would always pour himself off the train well lubricated. Come to find out he had a pint bottle of rye in the breast pocket of his suit. Into the bottle he had inserted a straw and cut a hole on the inside of his jacket so the straw would end in his outer pocket to be covered by his handkerchief. Much to the consternation of my grandmother he would sip all the way down to Orlando on the train with no one the wiser.

This is the kind of guy I could imagine hanging out with Cossack. However grandad was merely an amateur and as we know the Russians are professionals.